Capricorn Baby Names

The name of a person is extremely special for them because that is the first real entity that defines who they really are. Babies learn to respond to their names and discover that when that particular word is pronounced then they are expected to react. They grow close to the name and ultimately realize that it belongs to them and only they have the right to reply to it. This is the reason that a name plays such an important role in a person’s life.

Capricorn Baby Names Start with the Letters: Ga, Ge, Bh, Kh, Je and Ja 

The babies that are born during the period starting from December 22 to January 19 share Capricorn as their sun sign. This zodiac represents ‘the goat’ and the babies who are born under this sign grow up into faithful and ambitious individuals. In accordance with the suggestions made by the astrologers, these babies must have names that start with Ga, Ge, Bh, Kh, Je and Ja.

The Capricorn babies follow the right rules of conduct and work extremely hard to achieve the goals that they set for themselves. They plan their life and are pretty sure of what they want to do in the future. Success drives them and they take up a responsibility very seriously. Therefore, as a parent, it is your duty to ensure that they get enough time to relax their minds and enjoy their life.

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Name Meaning Short List
Jadhav a yadava 5891 Baby Name Jadhav
Jag the universe 5892 Baby Name Jag
Jagachandra moon of the universe 5893 Baby Name Jagachandra
Jagad universe 5894 Baby Name Jagad
Jagadayu life spring of the universe 5895 Baby Name Jagadayu
Jagadbandu Lord Krishna 5896 Baby Name Jagadbandu
Jagadeep light of the world 5897 Baby Name Jagadeep
Jagadev lord of the world 5898 Baby Name Jagadev
Jagadhidh lord of the world 5899 Baby Name Jagadhidh
Jagadip lamp of the universe 5900 Baby Name Jagadip
Jagadish lord of the universe 5901 Baby Name Jagadish
Jagajeet conquerer of the world 5902 Baby Name Jagajeet
Jagajeevan life of the world 5903 Baby Name Jagajeevan
Jagan universe. world 5904 Baby Name Jagan
Jaganmay spread over the universe 5905 Baby Name Jaganmay
Jagannath lord of the world 5906 Baby Name Jagannath
Jagath the universe 5907 Baby Name Jagath
Jagesh lord of the world 5908 Baby Name Jagesh
Jagjeevan worldly life 5909 Baby Name Jagjeevan
Jagmohan one who attracts the world 5910 Baby Name Jagmohan

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