Leo Baby Names

Every child brings good luck and happiness to his/her parents and becomes the apple of their eyes. Whether it be a boy or a girl, a baby is an innocent and lovable being who gets the attention of everyone around him. But who knows about the future of this little creature? It is very important to name the child in accordance with the letters related to their zodiac, because it may actually bring prosperity and success to the baby.

The babies who are born under the sun sign of Leo are said to grow up into majestic and dominating individuals who are generous in nature and extremely possessive about those who are close to them. Every Leo child is blessed with a zeal for creativity and the enthusiasm they have for their activities is unmatchable. Their temperamental nature depicts their rudeness on the surface but deep down they are emotional beings who are highly vulnerable.

Leo Baby Names Start with the Letters: To, Ta, Te, Mo, Ma, and Me

As the name suggests, this sun sign represents ‘the lion’ and covers the period that starts from July 23 and ends on August 22. The most appropriate names for the Leo babies would begin with the letters - To, Ta, Te, Mo, Ma, and Me.

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Name Meaning Short List
Madan Cupid, god of love 6145 Baby Name Madan
Madanapal lord of Love 6146 Baby Name Madanapal
Madangopal Lord Krishna 6147 Baby Name Madangopal
Madhav sweet like honey 6148 Baby Name Madhav
Madhavdas servant of Lord Krishna 6149 Baby Name Madhavdas
Madhu honey, nectar 6150 Baby Name Madhu
Madhuk a honeybee 6151 Baby Name Madhuk
Madhukanta the moon 6152 Baby Name Madhukanta
Madhukar honey bee, lover 6153 Baby Name Madhukar
Madhumay consisting of honey 6154 Baby Name Madhumay
Madhup a honeybee 6155 Baby Name Madhup
Madhur sweet 6156 Baby Name Madhur
Madhusudan Lord Krishna 6157 Baby Name Madhusudan
Madhusudhana Krishna, one who killed demon Madhu 6158 Baby Name Madhusudhana
Madin delightful 6159 Baby Name Madin
Madur a bird 6160 Baby Name Madur
Magadh son of Yadu 6161 Baby Name Magadh
Magan engrossed 6162 Baby Name Magan
Mahabahu Arjuna 6163 Baby Name Mahabahu
Mahabala great strength 6164 Baby Name Mahabala

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