Gemini Baby Names

Every parent wants to name their baby in a distinctive manner because a name is an entity through which a person is recognized all through their lives. Many of us do not believe in the zodiac system and name our babies on the basis of fashionable names that circulate around us. But these parents must know that naming a child in accordance with the letters suitable to his/her zodiac may prove to be beneficial for the child as it enhances their luck and fortune.

The babies born under the sign of Gemini that represents ‘the twins’ are bound to be intelligent beings who are enthusiastic about every challenge that life throws at them. They possess good communication skills and are extremely curious to explore new things every time. They are highly social and very energetic in their approach but have a drawback of being indecisive.

Ambitious by nature, these children have charisma through which they can charm anyone who crosses their way.

 Gemini Baby Names Start with the Letters: H, A, Ka, Ko, Ke and Gh 

The period covered by this zodiac sign is May 21 to June 21. And the names that may prove lucky for the Gemini child must start from the letters H, A, Ka, Ko, Ke and Gh.

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Name Meaning Short List
Chhandak the charioteer of Lord Buddha 5432 Baby Name Chhandak
Ghalib excellent 5706 Baby Name Ghalib
Ghanashyam Lord Krishna 5707 Baby Name Ghanashyam
Kabir famous sufi saint 5989 Baby Name Kabir
Kailas abode of Lord Shiva 5990 Baby Name Kailas

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