Taurus Baby Names

The lucky infants who are born under this sun sign enjoy the traits of kindness, loyalty, and cheerfulness. The sign represents ‘the bull’ that ensures that those who belong to it are strong and stubborn at the same time. It is very likely that these babies may become highly affectionate and devoted individuals. As they become older, these children exhibit practicality and reliability that makes them honest and responsible people who can be trusted with money matters as well. 

Comfort is what defines the personality trait of the babies born in this zodiac. They are slow in their growth and development but one thing that must be taken care of is that these the Taurus babies are a little insecure and they take their own time to trust that they are in safe hands.

Taurus Baby Names Start with the Letters: I, E, O, U, Wo, Wi, We and Wa 

The period that covers this zodiac is from April 20 till May 20 and the baby names for Taurus start with the letters I, E, O, U, Wo, Wi, We and Wa. These babies love to explore the world and its beauty with the senses in order to satisfy their aesthetic needs.  They are very close to nature and perform the best when they are put in a natural environment.

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Name Meaning Short List
Badal cloud; rain 5274 Baby Name Badal
Badri Lord Vishnu 5275 Baby Name Badri
Badrinath Lord of Mt.Badri 5276 Baby Name Badrinath
Badriprasad goft of Badri 5277 Baby Name Badriprasad
Bahubali a Jain Tirthakar 5278 Baby Name Bahubali
Bahuleya Lord Kartikeya 5279 Baby Name Bahuleya
Bahumanya honoured by many 5280 Baby Name Bahumanya
Bahurai with great riches 5281 Baby Name Bahurai
Bajrang a name of Lord Hanuman 5282 Baby Name Bajrang
Bakhtawar one who brings good luck 5283 Baby Name Bakhtawar
Balaaditya young sun 5284 Baby Name Balaaditya
Balachandra young moon 5285 Baby Name Balachandra
Balachandrav the crescent moon 5286 Baby Name Balachandrav
Baladhi deep insight 5287 Baby Name Baladhi
Baladhitya the newly risen sun 5288 Baby Name Baladhitya
Balagovind baby Krishna 5289 Baby Name Balagovind
Balaji a name of Vishnu 5290 Baby Name Balaji
Balakrishna young krishna 5291 Baby Name Balakrishna
Balakumar youthful 5292 Baby Name Balakumar
Balamani young jewel 5293 Baby Name Balamani

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