Three of Wands

Three of Wands

Three of Wands Tarot Card Description
It indicates to put the plan into action. It is also a symbol to look out for new opportunities and travel.
The man in red and green attire is standing on the cliff with his back facing the front. The three wands set in three different places shows commitment and assurance. That is well-grounded. It also shows commitment and sincerity towards the plans that the person is likely to put into action. His picture outside the Castle shows he is ready to alter his fixed routine and leave the comfort zone. He is open to opportunities, challenges and options which might come his way. The three sailing ships in the sea right in front of the man signify progress, movement and also achievements.
From the position he is standing he can see the upcoming challenges and obstacles and opportunities in life. The highlights of this card are execution, plan and commitment.

Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The card says you are on the verge to pan the future with more commitment. Fortunately, everything is falling in place as planned and expected by you. You are working hard towards turning your plans into action and securing a safe future for you and people connected to you. You can see opportunities coming your way which will benefit you. Since you are on your way to achieving all your planned goals, you are likely to come across many options and opportunities on the way. Keep your eyes, mind and gut feeling open, as it can benefit you.
This journey will take you out of your comfort zone, it will push you towards the change in the long-term. The wands show you are in control of all the activities in life and are in a strong position. The wands signify farsightedness and vision. You are likely to travel in search of what you are seeking. The wands also signify that the journey has decided to take is important but also will make you leave home. It says for things to happen you need to take action or move ahead, one cannot expect things to fall in lap without any effort. You might have to travel overseas due to the necessary decisions related to success.

Upright Three of Wands Card Prediction for Love
It signifies moving forward, success and happiness in relationships. It also represents moving abroad or travelling to foreign lands. Some are likely to fall in the category of a long-distance relationship. Single people will enjoy life to the fullest. Some may enjoy the holiday or meet a new love, it can be during travel or before that.
Upright Three of Wands Card Prediction for Career
The cards predict that you will be travelling overseas due to work or a new job. Business people might decide to take their domestic business global. You will expand your horizon and reap the result of your hard work and success. Some of you might go out on a holiday.
Upright Three of Wands Card Prediction for Health
You can see recovery from your past injury or illness. You are likely to travel abroad so make sure you get better and then go.

Three of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

You may have been on the way to achieve your goals but must have not got what you had been expecting. The reason can be due to the delay or roadblocks. This should not dishearten you as it does not signify failure. Instead, it will help you work towards strengthening your personality and future planning. It also indicates that you need to give in a little more time in planning and analysis. It is good if you have to plan for the long-run. Do not get overwhelmed by the tasks and take action without planning. Remember to give everything a thought before doing it or getting it into action. The three wands point out the need to plan future and opt for beneficial changes and better options that come
Reversed Three of Wands Prediction for Love 
You will see a lack of growth. You might be disappointed with your relationship as it might not be going well. Some might feel their partner is holding them back, and due to this, they are feeling uneasy. A failed long-distance relationship is foreseen. Singles, the 3 wands say that your past is holding you back and it is also haunting you. Some might face a breakup. 
Reversed Three of Wands Prediction for Career
You might see your plans for travelling abroad being cancelled. You might reject taking the job outside. You are likely to see a lack of opportunities at present. Due to this, you might reject the idea of expanding abroad. Some might also experience failed trade overseas. The financial clutter and chaos might increase your stress as it would be difficult to handle. Try to control the mess and save what you have. 
Reversed Three of Wands Prediction for Health 
The 3 of wands says that there are high chances of falling ill abroad. So make sure you take precautionary measures. Your speed of recovery is quite slow and this might frustrate you. Be patient you will recover eventually.

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