Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords Tarot Card Description

The Eight Swords card shows a woman, tied up and blindfolded, and surrounded by eight swords that seem to be acting as an enclosure. It seems like there is no way for her to escape. She is standing alone and isolated, in the middle of a watery wasteland, far away from the town. The sky in the background is grey and cloudy, and the general feeling is that of despair. While it may seem that all is lost and she is hopeless, notice that there is a clear path in front of her, should she remove her blindfold.

Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

To break free from her situation, she needs to find the will to take off her blindfold. To move away from the sense of being a victim is her true challenge. The blindfold is not only limiting her eyesight but also limiting her beliefs and perspective.
A sense of entrapment in this situation could also indicate communication problems, especially with loved ones. Despite the feeling of confusion, the card is reminding you that you have the power to break free at any given time, that the restrictions you may be feeling could actually be self-imposed.
Upright Eight of Swords Card Prediction for Career

In a career Tarot reading, the Eight of Swords suggests a feeling of being stuck or trapped. Anything that you tried to improve your situation may not have worked yet, and that has left you feeling helpless and annoyed. But do not forget that you are the master of your own destiny. You will figure a way out of this pickle, just get creative and think outside the box.

To answer a financial question, this card can suggest that you may be worried about your financial situation. If you are looking to make more money, the first step would be to reduce unnecessary expenditures. Keep a track of your expenses, that itself could help you save a decent amount.

Another suggestion would be to spend your time wisely. If you think you have enough spare time, take up a part-time job, or find a hobby that also pays!
Upright Eight of Swords Card Prediction for Love

In a love Tarot reading, the card can suggest that you may be feeling cornered in your relationship. If you really want out of the relationship, you will find a way. But before you rush into leaving behind your relationship, make sure it is what you truly want.

Whatever issues you are having with your partner, try to sort them out. No relationship is without problems.
If you are single and have been waiting for the ' perfect person’ to show up, remember that to love another, you have to learn to first love yourself. Be satisfied with being alone and independent. A partner should not be someone you become dependent upon but should be your supporter. Work on yourself first, and when you are ready, you will find the right kind of person who fits your life.
Upright Eight of Swords Card Prediction for Health

The Eight of Swords, when it comes to your health, can indicate mental health issues for some people. If you think that you have been experiencing symptoms of depression or have been having panic attacks, you should reach out for help. The card can also suggest eyesight problems.

On the plus side, for those who have been trying to lose weight, the Eight of Swords will pay off your efforts, bringing in a positive response from the universe.
As a Yes/No card- No

Eight Of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When the Eight of Swords appears reversed in a reading, it can indicate that you are now ready to experience an emotional release of some kind. With awareness replacing denial, obstacles will be cleared from the path on which you are moving. Your stress and anxiety will reduce and you will now be able to figure out your situation with clarity.
When reversed, the Eight of Swords meaning shows that your negative thinking will now be replaced with positive thinking. Being empowered, you will be able to assert yourself with confidence. You will find new doors opening for you and will now be free to do what you choose.
The card also indicates that it is time that you free yourself from some of the limiting factors of your past. Clear the skeletons from the closet and let go of any old pattern that was holding you back. Create more room for new things and experiences.

The negative connotation of the card implies severe depression, feeling totally paralysed by fear and surrendering to pressure.

Reversed Eight of Swords Prediction for Career
When the Eight of Swords comes reversed in a career spread, it indicates that you have the courage to now leave a job that was restricting your potential to give your best performance.

Some of you will have the courage to start on a totally different career that will be more heart-centric.
The negative feature of the reversed card is that your work can be causing you even more anxiety, making you feel more and more trapped in it as you are unable to walk away.
You may be made to feel worthless by others and you are beginning to believe them!
The reversed card wants to remind you that you are in just an illusion that you are trapped in your situation.
In a financial spread, this card reversed indicates that it is time you start saving for the rainy day. It will help you feel financially secure, placing you in a better frame of mind.

The card also indicates sometimes that your self-belief makes you think you are incapable of attaining financial security. So, even when help is offered to you, you refuse to take it.
Reversed Eight of Swords Prediction for Love
In a love reading, the reversed card may indicate that you are now not willing to play the role of a victim in an abusive relationship. You are beginning to acknowledge the fact to yourself that you have options to choose from and you are prepared to make a choice. You are willing to take greater accountability for where you are in life.
On the negative side, the card indicates your relationship deteriorating as your partner’s behaviour worsens and that results in even more depression for you.

The singles may be very anxious about mixing with the opposite sex and so it is becoming very difficult for them to find a suitable partner.
Reversed Eight of Swords Prediction for Health
When the Eight of Swords comes reversed in a health reading for you, you could be healing as you overcome panic attacks and anxiety disorders.

On the flip side, your depression could make you feel suicidal. You definitely need immediate counselling.

As a Yes/No card-Sometimes Yes/ Sometimes No card.


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