Six of Cups

Six of Cups

The tarot card makes one feel safe and secure. It also highlights a time of reunion with old friends and filling your mind with old memories and reliving them in mind to feel good. A time of recollection. Also, a time for some to leave the past face the reality and move on.

Six of Cups Tarot Card Description

The image on the tarot card-six of cups shows a young boy leaning or bending towards the girl in the picture with a cup full of flowers. The girl looking at the gesture shows respect and love in her eyes towards the boy. The card shows that the image highlights love, harmony and cooperation. Also, there are six cups which are shining and signify the elements of six of cups.

Young children also represent childhood memories. The image also exhibits an old man in the background walking away. His exit means that the children in front do not need to worry about adult issues instead enjoy their youthfulness and moment of feeling young, free and innocent.

The children in the card are seen standing inside a large home with a huge garden area and other amenities which signifies security and comfort. 

Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

This card deports one back to positive childhood memories of any age. You might revisit places where you have had a memorable time which is embedded in your heart. If given a chance you would also attend a reunion or school or college. For some, your teenage love from the past may come back. It will make you feel good and also relive those memories and time in mind. This opportunity will give you time to rethink about the relationship and whether you are game to continue being in this love relationship or not.

For those already in the relationship, it shows a good time and harmony in the relationship. You are ready to receive and give in your all in the relationship.  Your partner and you have overcome all the challenges and perils in your way and it is now time to enjoy the feeling of love. You both have decided to start fresh and create a positive environment.

This card pushes you to ignite the child in you and enjoy all the excitement, fun and freedom. You will be all playful and even do things which will make you happy even if it’s going out to play games with kids or dancing.  The tarot card will help you be more creative, original and polish your intuition.

It can also indicate children in your life. It means pregnancy most probably (twins). It might also mean you are going to spend more time with children. They would help you get clarity in life and also advise. The magical thought process of children will help you expand the horizon of your creativity.

Upright Six of Cups Card Prediction for Love

For those in a relationship, this card indicates that you and your partner are childhood sweethearts. For some it can indicate having children. For others, it might mean that problems and issues can pop up in a relationship due to childish behaviour.

It can also show confusion in your relationship.

Upright Six of Cups Card Prediction for Career

It is a good card for you. It depicts creativity, goodwill and sharing. It also says that it is a good time to be involved in team projects. You can also work with young people or children. Charity foreseen on the charts. It can be in the form of receiving or giving. You can also receive an inheritance. Some of you might be thinking of making a will or are in the process.

Upright Six of Cups Card Prediction for Health

You need to be caring and compassionate towards someone who is ill or needs your support. The pace with which you are moving in life may be giving you stress or illness. Make things simple instead of complex. For those who are trying to conceive this is a good time.

Six of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

Are you still stuck in the past and have lost touch with the present? It is time to get out of this state. You might be submerged in the memories of the past and hoping for the same happiness in present.  Due to this, you are hampering your present. The mix of negative and positive feeling is keeping you occupied and making you wish how things used to be. Unfortunately, because of this, you will miss opportunities which are right in front.

It is ok to reminisce about the past but do not let it occupy you. This card is an opportunity to accept the past and it is time to focus on your present now. Accept that life is evolving, learn from mistakes and forgive others. Stop clinging to the past and concentrate on the present.

It also indicates that you have lost touch with the inner child in you and have turned out to be boring. You might be missing a lot of opportunities. Avoid taking excess responsibilities and take too much pressure.

Start taking out time to feel good. Instead, make time to enjoy the good things in life. It also indicates that you are thinking of your ex. There are high chances that you might have started seeing them too but you are trying to keep it hushed. You are also making sure that no one knows about your visit into the past.

Reversed Six of Cups Prediction for Love

You are facing boredom and lack of passion with your partner. Even if the relationship is providing security, you still feel suffocated. Single’s there are high chances of you finding a partner as you have finally decided to leave your past behind and move on. But still, that thought of seeing every new one like your ex is yet to go. You need to tell yourself that your past relationship was overdue for a reason. Give chance to someone new to make you feel special. For some, unfortunately, childhood incidents or issues might be restricting you to move forward or even to open up to your partner.

Reversed Six of Cups Prediction for Career

You are bored with your present position at work and it is hampering your creativity. You might be on the verge to leave a secure job and go for something that will allow you to exhibit your creativity. It shows high chances of working with children or people who are not privileged or have not got a good life. It can be draining in many ways, so make sure you take care of yourself too. You are becoming financially mature and managing your finances carefully. Those who are staying with parents there are high chances of you becoming independent and moving out for good.

Reversed Six of Cups Prediction for Health

Hereditary issues and childhood trauma are likely to make you ill. So, go ahead and treat this prolonged problem. Those who are planning to have a baby, you might face fertility issues. So, make sure you treat them first then go ahead with conceiving after the doctor's consultation.


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