Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords Tarot Card Description

In the Rider Waite deck, the Ten of Swords tarot card depicts a man lying face down, with ten swords piercing his back. A red cape is covering the lower half of his body.

In the background, despite the dark sky looking ominous, the sun is rising on the horizon, which is believed to represent a renewed sense of hope and opportunity. A calm sea can also be seen in the background, which brings solace, and suggests that even in times of darkness, with the right mindset, one can find peace.

Ten of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The general feeling that one gets from this card is of loss and pain. However, it does not mean that nothing good can come out of your situation. Remember that for a new beginning to come, something has to end. Do not resist change. Be what may the outcome, pick yourself up. Learn from the experiences, and use it to evolve and reach your highest potential.

Upright Ten of Swords Card Prediction for Career

In a Career Tarot reading, the Ten of Swords is not considered to be a good sign, as it usually indicates that you have reached a dead-end in your job or that your time in your current job may be coming to an end.

The card can also suggest that you should take a step back from working overtime, and you need to stop pushing yourself to your limits, as you may reach the stage of burnout.  

For those who run a business, this Minor Arcana card can indicate failure, challenges, and maybe even the collapse of the business.

To answer a question about your finances in a Tarot reading, the Ten of Swords again is not considered a good omen as it can indicate financial issues and financial instability. Take precautions and be careful with your financial dealings, keep a better track of your finances. It is advised that you do not take any unnecessary risks, or gamble with money, as it could prove extremely detrimental to your balance sheet.
Upright Ten of Swords Card Prediction for Love

If you are in a relationship, this Minor Arcana card can indicate bitterness and maybe even a separation or break up. Whether you have been expecting it or whether it has been sprung on you suddenly, the Ten of Swords is telling you to accept your situation and move on. Take out the time to heal and rediscover yourself. Figure out what you value in your life, and what makes you happy outside a relationship.

Another interpretation of this card in a love tarot reading could be that if you have been overly emotional or over dramatic with your partner recently, you should stop now as it could make you distance your partner from you. This will just end up causing a rift in your relationship.
Upright Ten of Swords Card Prediction for Health

The Ten of Swords in a health Tarot reading can indicate a poor sign for your health. You need to take a step back and evaluate your health, and especially your eating habits. Ailments like chronic fatigue, exhaustion, breakdown are represented by this card. This could also be due to you overworking at your job. When you get this card in a tarot reading, it is best to take it seriously and put your health first.
As a Yes/no card-No

Ten Of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When the Ten of Swords appears reversed in a reading, it symbolises that you have now accepted reality instead of justifying it. You have survived the worst of your situation and are now on the course for recovery and change. You realise that the only way ahead is to make peace with the past. Having realised this, you are now moving forward slowly and steadily after enduring the painful events.
In the Rider Waite Deck, the reversed Ten of Swords indicates that the swords will fall out of the victim’s back due to the force of gravity.
When reversed, the Ten of Swords meaning reminds you that faith and prayer can lead you into the light. Whatever you suffered was not in vain as you learnt valuable lessons from it. Let the cycle run out its course. You have reached the end of the tunnel.
Sometimes the card indicates that difficult things from your past may be resurfacing.

Reversed Ten of Swords Prediction for Career
When the Ten of Swords comes in a career spread, it cautions you not to place trust on any coworker and neither expect anyone to support you. Make your own decisions while sorting out the problems at your workplace. Your thinking is clearer now and you are able to reflect on the situation to know what the right moves are, that you need to make next, in order to taste success.
Those who are applying for jobs will realise they were looking at the wrong places. Rethink and start applying all over again. You will now hit the right mark.
When this card comes in a financial spread, it may indicate a financial windfall. You need to use your money wisely or you won’t have much to retire on. What you learnt from your past mistakes, will help you make the right financial decisions now. Do not fall back into the old, bad habits of money squandering.
Reversed Ten of Swords Prediction for Love
In a love reading, the card indicates that you may go through a painful end or a break-up but you will not feel defeated and sad or angry and despairing. Instead of having an emotional breakdown, you will transform and deal with it in a mature, psychological manner. You will start to heal from the pain it caused. You will learn lessons about how to deal with a partner and only accept a committed relationship now.

For some, it may also be the point of making a decision - either rekindling the love to save the relationship or making up the mind to move on.
Ask yourself if you are ready for a commitment or are just going ahead to conform to society’s expectations?
Reversed Ten of Swords Prediction for Health
When the Ten of Swords comes reversed in a health reading for you, it can indicate that you are mentally drained because of worries and anxieties and this may be manifesting themselves in a physical form. Take some time out to work on your inner peace. Take one day at a time.

Sometimes the card reminds you to grieve for a death that may have happened in the past. You are now willing to feel the emotions that you were not prepared to acknowledge in the past.

As a Yes/No card- Maybe card.

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