Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups Tarot Card Description

It depicts opening up of new opportunities in one's life. The card signifies emotional contentment. For some, it means the start of a new relationship or a deeper commitment towards a new relationship. For those who are longing for a child, this might be an auspicious time.

In the card, a chalice is overflowing from 5 sides in 5 streams. It depicts the subconscious mind. The streams represent the five senses and your emotional intuition. The hand holding the cup is fading in the clouds, it signifies spirituality energy and influence.

Under the hand, there is a sea which is covered with lotus signifies the human spirit. A dove floating in the picture symbolises divine love which moves from subconscious to conscious mind.

Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

This card shows endless love and compassion in life.  You don’t only keep it in you instead you make efforts to spread it around. It is all about love for you! At this point in time, you are open to connections, creative opportunities and feel for others. You are expressive emotionally. You are likely to take up new projects or an art class of you like or engage in any kind of hobby. You are happy with yourself and express your individuality fully.

Allow your talent to explore new opportunities and possibilities. It also signifies a new relationship. It can be a friendship or a love relationship. It can also be a new family connection. You are glad to meet the one. It is the time for giving not taking. So go out and give endless love from your side. Your positive energy will attract people to you.

This card also indicates pregnancy, conception or birth of a new one for some.

Upright Ace of Cups Card Prediction for Love

It represents the raw love relationship which is on the stage to blossom. Immense romance is foreseen. You will meet new people which will turn out to be good for you, especially singles. You will enjoy the newness of the relationship with excitement. You will let go of all past misunderstandings and move forward to improve your relationship. For some, there will be a celebration in the family due to the new addition. It can be the birth of a baby, baby shower, engagement, wedding or pregnancy.

Upright Ace of Cups Card Prediction for Career

New opportunities carve your way towards success. This card signifies promotion. Your hard work will be appreciated and you will feel creative. There are high chances of your loan to be approved to help you on the career front.

Upright Ace of Cups Card Prediction for Health

Good things can be approaching your way. You will feel energetic and see improvement in your health. For those planning for a baby, this card indicates the probability of pregnancy and fertility.

Ace of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

This card indicates self-love. It is all about love. It explains that you have immense love to give to the world but before that prefer to give it to yourself.  The more you do it, the better the flow of energy will be. It shows that you are in sync with your intuitive side and subconscious mind.

On the contrary, it also shows that you are suppressing your emotions. You do not want to express yourself fully due to reasons. You are conscious and embarrassed about people’s opinion and how they would react to your thoughts. Doing so, you are likely to create blockage internally and emotionally. It’s not a problem if you do not want to share your feelings until you feel confident and confident to share.

Reversed Ace of Cups Prediction for Love

You will find it difficult to maintain a relationship or find a new one. Your presumed feelings will hold you from moving forward and starting new love. If you are in a relationship then your unrealistic expectation will disappoint your partner. You are not opening your heart fully. Your past mistakes are restricting you to believe in new relationships. You need to resolve your issues to avoid any kind of break up or divorce in future.

Reversed Ace of Cups Prediction for Career

Unfortunately, this is the time you will face dissatisfaction in your career. There is a high chance your creativity will get blocked. If you have been seeking a job opportunity then, sadly there would be no good news received. Your loan approval might not get a green signal.

Reversed Ace of Cups Prediction for Health

There would be a high emotional imbalance. Suppressed emotions can give you a lot of stress and negativity affect your health. Some of you can also experience fertility issues.

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