Four of Cups

Four of Cups

The card depicts a connection with the spiritual self or the inner self. For some, it might show dissatisfaction and depression, especially in a relationship. If you have lost connection with friends then you would desire to stay connected with friends.

Four of Cups Tarot Card Description

The card shows the image of a person sitting under a tree. His hands are crossed which depicts that he is in deep thought, contemplating things and also meditating. He is so occupied by his thoughts that he does not see a hand offering him a cup. There are three cups kept right in front of him which he fails to see. They are considered as opportunities open in front of him. 

Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

This card foretells that you have endless opportunities flowing in front of you but you are saying no to them for the time being and turning them down. It might be that you do not like the offer or you already have too much on the plate to deal with.

You should think and analyse to include or take up things which are important. Whether new or old opportunities, do not hesitate from declining if it is not important. At times, when this card appears, you do not fully decline the offer or accept it instead you wait for a sign to get clarity whether to take the opportunity or not. You consider analysing the opportunity from all aspects.

It can also showcase that your life is going usual and boring, with nothing happening out of the box. You might be feeling demotivated and pathetic. You need to go deep internally and evaluate your life to understand your situation. Re-establish yourself and find out purpose and direction in life. Now could be the time to exclude yourself from any kind of distraction and listen to your own voice.

You have shut yourself because of the rejection before. Thus your closed arms show have cut yourself from the surrounding. Such a failure can be experienced in love too. Due to this, you may miss out on some excellent opportunities.

Upright Four of Cups Card Prediction for Love

The fear of repeating past mistakes is making you ignore the good things which are present in your love life right now. So, do not do so otherwise you will regret later. It seems that you are so occupied by your fantasies of how a relationship should be and because of that you are ignoring the best and good parts of life. Think if you could use that energy in appreciating your partner for all the good things in the relationship.

Upright Four of Cups Card Prediction for Career

This card indicates that you are bored or unsatisfied in a career. You are envious of others achievements, life and success and because of that, you are ignoring the best of things you have attained in career life.

Upright Four of Cups Card Prediction for Health

Due to health issues, you feel frustrated and depressed. You might be feeling caught up because of the health restriction. Focus on doing things you can handle instead of sulking and concentrating on things which are out of control.

Four of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

You have closed yourself in a cocoon so that you can concentrate on what is important to you. Others might want you out of the house or spending time with them. But instead, you prefer to stay at home, read books and chill.

Doing so make sure you do not end up pushing away your loved ones. Make sure you inform them of the desire to spend time alone and would retreat as you feel normal. Do not force yourself into doing things or going out.

When you are ready to embrace the normal life then only go ahead.

It is a temporary phase and will fade with time so do not stress yourself too much. Make use of this time by talking to yourself, working on your future goals, its planning and how you are going to work on projects. Assess all situations whether career or personal front.

At times, the cards show that some of you might be feeling disappointed, uninspired because of the world around you. You might find things to be complex and instead of facing things or trying to find a solution you escape. Avoid doing so because eventually, you will have to face the problem.

It might also mean that you are not ready to open your heart to anyone and choose to withdraw and isolate yourself from the person you are fond of. You need to ensure that you do not hurt the feelings of your loved ones.

Reversed Four of Cups Prediction for Love

You are moving away from a relationship which you were not fond of or attached to. It might be so that you were not even ready to date or start a relationship.

A bad break up must have made you retreat from worldly things and go ahead with any kind of attachments. You should give yourself time to heal. Once you are done wallowing and are ready for a new setup then only go ahead.

For those who are in a relationship and feel it is not working then go ahead and let it go. Others who want to save the relationship might work towards making things better and focus on such things to make life better.

Reversed Four of Cups Prediction for Career

The stagnant period or boredom at work is going to get over. A pool of opportunities will surround you. You will put in possible efforts to improve your career and finances. An increased focused and sudden increase in energy will help you go out and get what you want. You will know the difference between the feeling of being envious and focusing on improving life.

Reversed Four of Cups Prediction for Health

You are feeling energetic and positive. You know once your health issues are sorted then you can be enthusiastic to achieve your goals. You will start seeing beauty and positivity around.


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