Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

The Queen of wands cards falls in the category of the Suit of wands under Minor Arcana cards. The Minor Arcana cards represent the daily emotional, mental, physical aspect of the person at present which will lay grounds for the future. The suit of Wands includes 14 cards including the queen of wands.
The cards symbolise the purposes of life. It exhibits the intuitional strength, which is backed by enthusiasm. It shows the confidence of the person, goal-oriented nature and also the independent life. It represents the outgoing nature of the person.
Queen of Wands Card Meaning
The image on the card shows a queen sitting on the throne. She is facing towards the right which means she is focused towards her goal and depicts the fire and strength in her. She has a big sunflower on the right hand which is the symbol of fertility, happiness and contentment. The same flowers are carved on the throne which multiplies its effect in all spheres of life. The other hand she is holding a wand which has a few plants germinating and depicting the birth of new things in life. The dark colour cat sitting at her feet shows that in spite of being so bold and self-dependent in life she is well aware of her inner self, dark side or many be the not so known side of her. 

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

It depicts extreme passion and focuses on the person. The person comes out as ambitious, strong, confident and also a little selfish at the same time. They are an energy powerhouse and are a good company to stand by anyone’s side. They represent positivity and energy. It shows that you are aiming to achieve more in less time. You are well aware of your strengths, weakness, power and talents and also know the right way to channel them. People are easily charmed by you, so one should make use of it and form their squad.

Upright Queen of Wands Card Prediction for Love
For those who are in a relationship your partner knows you very well and is helping to retain your individuality and achieve your goals. The partner is interesting and will never let boredom creep in. It shows the flow of positive and promising energy between you two which will make things even better and happy. If you are planning to have a baby this is a good time and the energies are in full power to make it happen. Since you are super attractive at this point, single people are likely to meet someone suitable. You just need to be confident rest everything will fall in place.
Upright Queen of Wands Card Prediction for Career
Like the love life, your career life is also prospering. You are confident and know-how and when to get things done. You will excel at multitasking and people will be awe-struck looking at your talent and achievements. As a manager, you are good at handling the team. The card indicates that this might be a good time to pick up a new project if you have any on the plate. You are managing your money well and luckily an older woman might help you through any tough situation.
Upright Queen of Wands Card Prediction for Health
You will be the powerhouse of energy. People will wonder what the source of this energy is. For women who are planning to conceive this might be a good time.

Queen of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

It foretells that emotional aspect of a person along with fertility. It exhibits that you are well aware of your inner self, its beliefs and truth. You are someone who takes a stand and to change your decision is not easy at all. Your definition of doing things is fixed even if it differs from others. You might appear extrovert but in reality, you are an introvert. You like it that way! Do not push yourself to become what you are not or you do not like. Alone time with yourself is what you love. You might feel less confident at times, so buck up and recollect your energy, confidence. Take back the attention that you give to others due to which you doubt yourself. Realise your strengths and talent. Explore your real self even if it does not sync with others choice or ideology.
Reversed Queen of Wands Prediction for Love 
If your partner is just like you or exhibits that he or she possesses your kind of qualities and traits then be mindful that it can be a deceitful act. He or she can be manipulative and jealous. It can also be that they suffer from low self-esteem or confidence. You and your partner might feel exhausted which is not good for the relationship. For those planning a baby, this might not be a good time. It might make you meet a person who is exactly like you but eventually, he or she might turn out to be something else. It also says it is not a good time to meet someone new. 
Reversed Queen of Wands Prediction for Career 
The card says you are lacking the energy to perform well and also not the right time to start a new venture. Unexpected challenges and problems are foreseen at present. An older lady can likely cause a problem on the work front for you, so be careful. You are not managing your money properly. It is giving rise to overspending and making you too tight to spend. So, learn to strike a balance.  
Reversed Queen of Wands Prediction for Health 
The reversed card shows that there is a lack of energy and vitality. You are likely to fall ill. Women may find it difficult to conceive during this time.

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