Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Description

 When the Queen of Swords appears in a reading, she denotes an intelligent woman over 35 years of age, who may be cold but very professional and smart. She can be sarcastic and witty at the same time, bitter and hurt in some broken relationship from the past while maintaining a stony facade about it. She is independent, honest and shrewd and also empathetic and supportive at the same time.

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

 In the Rider Waite deck, the card shows a queen sitting on an ornate throne looking off into a distance. She is wearing a white gown (symbolizing purity) with red tassels on her sleeves (symbolizing passion). Her head is above the clouds. The clouds depict mental challenges and she seems to have risen above these challenges. On one hand, she holds a double-edged sword pointing toward the sky (symbolizing clarity), while the other hand is extended out, offering her support and advice. The throne has images of a winged child (symbolizing blessings), a pair of the moon (symbolizing intuition) and butterflies (symbolizing transformation).
Upright Queen of Swords Card Prediction for Career

When the Queen of Swords comes in a career spread as a boss or colleague, this intelligent woman has a powerful mind of her own. She will not encourage risk-taking in any project and would prefer to plan things out carefully.

On the darker side, if her intelligence is not used correctly she can use it as a weapon. And if she is bored or not being challenged enough, she can be stubborn with her ideas. She lacks spontaneity as she likes to go into every detail before taking any action. She can access situations quickly and so before you approach her with any written document, make sure every 'I’ is dotted and every t’ crossed.

The card as a trait indicates that you should become more focused and organized in your work. Do not allow your mind to play games with you. Plan things well before you go ahead with the execution.
When this card comes in a financial spread, it indicates that a woman over 35 years of age can give you sound financial advice. Follow that advice if you want to improve your financial status. Or you may cross paths with such a woman who will be willing to lend you money.

Upright Queen of Swords Card Prediction for Love

In a love reading, the card indicates that you will not rush into love and would want to be logical about it. You will look for an intellectual partner with whom you will feel like-minded and secure. But once you are in a relationship, you will be fiercely loyal and give huge support to the partner.

On the darker side, you might find it difficult to relax and be spontaneous in a relationship. Any public display of affection is a total no-no.

You need to exercise more caution when entering into a relationship because if your partner is not at par with you intellectually, you will get bored.
Upright Queen of Swords Card Prediction for Health

When the Queen of Swords comes in a health reading for you, it can indicate lower back problems, issues with the ovaries or skin disorders.

If you have any repressed emotions, a strong female over 35 years of age, will guide you on a path to release these emotions so that you can move on in life.
As a Yes/No card-Maybe card.

Queen of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When the Queen of Swords appears reversed in a reading, it can indicate that you are thinking more with your heart than with your head. Being emotionally involved in a certain situation or issue may be distorting your perception of the situation at hand. You need to understand and read the signals more accurately by using your head a little more. Look at the situation more objectively, as it will give you a better picture and help you evaluate what you need to do next.

 When reversed, the Queen of Swords meaning explains how a Libra female would behave when she gets unbalanced. You will struggle to manage harmony and balance in your life without success, while you continue with your unresolved suffering. You are not prepared to deal with any of your problems and just want them to disappear. It is time you opened up more to others and treat them with respect.

Reversed Queen of Swords Prediction for Career

 When the Queen of Swords comes reversed in a career spread, it suggests an older woman who plays an important role in your workplace. She can be cold-hearted, bitter, resentful and bitchy as she is completely devoid of any emotion or compassion for others. She will be difficult to relate to as she prefers to isolate herself from others and is seen as narrow-minded, intolerant and mean. In her quest to get to the bottom of an issue, she can brush aside others and thus enjoys little support base.

The card can also represent you as a person and if it does, you should be aware of your short-comings.

You may have issues with problem solving and communication.
In a financial spread, this card reversed indicates that it is time you woke up to your financial situation. You have been spending more than you have been earning. If you have lent money to a friend or a relative, you realise that you are not getting that back.

Reversed Queen of Swords Prediction for Love

 In a love reading, the reversed card may indicate that relationships are clouding your usually clear vision. You could be hesitating to be assertive as you do not want to disturb the balance and harmony in your toxic relationship.

You are unable to wean off from this dependency as your need for emotional and material support has escalated with time.

 On the other hand, you may not feel connected with your partner and so, are getting overly emotional as a result. This may want to make you seek solitude.

 If the card represents you, your harsh and unforgiving nature may be leaving you respected in your family but feared; as opposed to love.

 The card also appears when someone is going through a bitter divorce. You could be making accusations without getting the facts checked. You may be misunderstood or are misunderstanding your partner.

Reversed Queen of Swords Prediction for Health

When the Queen of Swords comes reversed in a health reading for you, it can indicate an emotional disturbance in you. It is time you released the suppressed sadness or grief that you have deep inside you or it may lead to some psychological problems and ill health.

Do not forget to take your medication on time or miss an appointment with your doctor.

 The reversed card can point to infertility issues or difficulty in conceiving.

As a Yes/No card-No card.

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