Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Description

The card shows emotional and creative discipline. It depicts practical common sense in the person related to different and important aspects of life. It symbolises a strong and calm personality. It lets the person lead a life with one's instincts for better decision making. The card is considered powerful as it can change the Tarot reading single-handedly.

On the card, one can see a woman sitting on the throne which is at the edge of the sea. She is holding a cup which has handles shaped like angels. The cup is closed, which is different from other cups painted on the other cards. It shows the thoughts and feelings of the queen.

The throne on which she sits is decorated with sea species or creatures like fish, scallops, shells and the picture of the sea. The sea species signify the unconscious mind, on the other hand, the water depicts emotion and perception.

A clear blue sky and sea surround her. She is merrily resting on the stone as she prefers it than touching the water which symbolises she has full control of her emotions.

Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

It symbolises that the person is caring, sensitive and compassionate. It is also considered as the mother energy. You are supportive, you listen to others and in sync with your intuition. You understand people’s truth and also give them warmth to express themselves. It does not let you down or affect your life because you know how to balance your emotions and life. You are creative and in sync with the surrounding energy. You can easily know read people and also know how to deal with them. People trust you and look up to you for a solution. You are comforting and compassionate and can understand people’s feelings.

There are high chances of you becoming a scholar, counsellor, coach or a healer. You may be already into any such profession. Your inner guidance is your core strength which helps you to plan your life and also deal with day to day events. You manifest what you want and also work towards it.

As a person, you are the right balance of practical and emotional quotient. You concentrate on your emotions, feelings and intuitions. You are advised to listen to your heart first. You are strong and always remember that.

Upright Queen of Cups Card Prediction for Love

This card exhibits emotional security, care and contentment in relationship with your loved one. Remember to be honest about your feelings to make your relationship better.

Singles, are likely to meet new people, new romance will brew. The one you have found seems to be a good person and had an abundance of affection to shower over you. He/she will turn out to be loyal. SO, do not waste any more time contemplating and make the most of this opportunity.

Upright Queen of Cups Card Prediction for Career

If you are in a profession which includes nursing, counselling etc then you are in a good place as it is satisfying your emotional well-being. A mature woman will come out to help you and guide you. You will enjoy financial security. Avoid complex deals on investments.

Upright Queen of Cups Card Prediction for Health

You will have a lot of people surrounding you who care for you. You will need support to overcome the illness and you will surely get it. It shows that you have been ignorant about your health due to which you are not feeling well. Do not treat yourself harshly. Give time to yourself to heal.

Queen of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

You need to draw attention towards your inner self which includes emotional well-being. You are good at taking care of others but now it is time to take care of yourself. You have been pretty occupied with supporting and comforting others which have drained you completely.

You need to draw a line between listening to other people and carrying their baggage of hardships and emotional turmoil. Unfortunately, you are taking it too personally which is taking away the attention that you need for yourself.

You can just help them but you cannot take away their misery.

You are preoccupied with people’s emotional responses and are dependent on them for your mood and emotions. If you are thinking that you will get something in return then you are mistaken, there is very little that you will receive in return definitely it will not be peace!

Examine all your relations with others and stick to people who are feeling positive and are spread the same around instead of tension. At present, the voice of your intuition is somewhat faded. Make efforts to hear it and follow.
This card often tells that you are letting your heart rule over your mind. If possible reach out to a therapist. Do not let your emotions take over you. Take some time quiet, meditate and write your emotions down! It is time to calm your soul down and relax, you do not have to be at service all the time. Sit with yourself and understand your feelings.

Reversed Queen of Cups Prediction for Love

Do not let doubts, insecurities and lack of trust affect your relationship. Get hold of your emotions and stop being too clingy as it can scare your partner away! Do not go running after your partner to please them give preference to your need first. You need to keep yourself happy then go ahead with improving things for others.

Take time out to sort the emotional turmoil in you then go ahead to date anyone. As a female, she can turn out to be self-centred manipulative or shallow.

Reversed Queen of Cups Prediction for Career

Your over-emotional state is making you stressed at work. Your workaholic nature is making you disorganised, drained and also wasting time. You have to get a balance between your personal and professional life. Creative block is likely to cloud your mind. There are high chances of financial insecurity.

Understand analyse then go ahead with any kind of investments. Understand the risk involved, make up your mind then go ahead.

Reversed Queen of Cups Prediction for Health

You are exerting yourself too much, which is deteriorating your health. Take out time to rest. Keep off from negativity which can trouble you.


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