Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands Tarot Card Description

The card shows an injured man holding a wand. He is seeing the eight wands behind him hovering over him. He seems to be exhausted as he has already fought the previous battle and is on the verge of winning but now there is another addition to the pre-existing challenges. It appears to be the last battle he needs to fight before reaching the finish line.

His energy seems to reach its end and he needs to make use of the last drop to fight the challenge and come out victorious. It is time to exhibit your zeal and strength to make the most of the opportunity. The man is expected not to give up.  He needs to give in his all to prove himself.

Nine of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

It shows your will power to stand against all challenges in spite of all the struggle you have been through and you are ready to fight an additional battle. Even though you are going to be exhausted, you are still determined to reach the goal.  It shows that just when you assume that the battle is going to be over, you are struck by another setback. It means that it is just a test of your strength and patience. Every time you deal with a challenge, you get stronger. It gives you the strength to not give up even if you fail in the first attempt. Keep trying!

Do not get swayed by outside voices and distract yourself from the goal. Do not let others pull you down or lay obstacles in life for you. There is a reason and purpose for which one is born in this world. So, go ahead and fulfil it.

Recognise who supports you and encourages you. Keep such people close. They will safeguard you from obstacles and negative people. Guard your boundaries, get clarity of what you need and how you can reach your goal.

Be careful in drawing boundaries! Do not be blinded or too rigid as it can make you keep out people who support you. So, make sure you plan accordingly.

Upright Nine of Wands Card Prediction for Love

Your relationship is going through a rough time and it has taken away your energy. You may feel like quitting but do not let that happen. Keep going. Gather yourself and push forward. It shows that you and your partner have suffered in past relationships and it is affecting your present relationship. Single people are sitting holding grudges from the past relationship due to which they are not able to be true new people. Do not give up! Make sure you take time in choosing the one. Do not get into any relationship blindly.

Upright Nine of Wands Card Prediction for Career

Fight through your tough time is foreseen. It shows you have reached the mid-way of the battle. At this hour you must be analysing your energy level as you have been through a rough patch and will calculate how you would fight the leftover battle.

There might be unexpected expenditure shaking your financial balance. Look for extra ways to make money and use your savings if needed. Be careful regarding your finances. Guard them. 

Upright Nine of Wands Card Prediction for Health

Your fight with illness has eaten up most of your energy. Use the last drop of your energy and keep pushing forward. Some old illnesses are likely to crawl back.

Nine of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

You might struggle to keep working towards your goal. The challenges you are facing are giving you setbacks one after the other. You don’t know whether you can fight more or will give up. Give yourself a pep talk and keep going forward. You are very close to achieving your goal. You have the power to turn things in your favour. Life might seem all about work and no entertainment. Avoid taking extra work on your plate, when you cannot take out time to complete them. If you feel there is no end to this struggle and quest then seek help. Hire a coach or therapist.

For some this card can also signify paranoia! It might make you feel that everyone is out there to get you. You might feel that there are people who are constantly waiting to attack you. It only shows fear. Focus on what you have to do. Ignore what others think of you or are planning to do.

Reversed Nine of Wands Prediction for Love

In a relationship, you have been angry previously and you both have not come to a common ground and are ready to compromise. You want to withdraw from the relationship. If you want to be together then you both need to leave the past and compromise.

In a new relationship, if your partner is lashing out at you because of the past relation then ensure that he does not take it out on you. You can be compassionate to them but should not take their anger.

Singles, you have learnt from your past relations and are now ready to give yourself another chance.

Some of you who have been hurt badly and have yet not overcome their hurt have given up on love. Give yourself time to revive the feeling of love in you.

Reversed Nine of Wands Prediction for Career

When it comes to money, you are stubborn and have no desire to change your behaviour. You might be thinking that you are reaching nowhere in a job or career. Take some time to gather and fuel yourself then go ahead. Decide whether it is worth it or not.

You are pushing hard way too much but you will later realise that it's a waste. Do not run away from financial responsibility. Your cash and valuables might go missing! So be careful!

Reversed Nine of Wands Prediction for Health

You will fail to pretend that you are not suffering. Also, you will not be able to fight the illness which is already existing. An old injury is likely to return.


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