Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

This card depicts fulfilment of wishes, happiness and contentment. It pushes you to find peace and harmony in the near future. It also indicates good time for people who are into business. There are high chances of getting married to someone older.

Nine of Cups Tarot Card Description

A man sitting on a wooden chair or bench is seen on the card. He seems too comfortable but is not very comfortable, as no one can sit on a bench for one entire day. Even though his arms are crossed he is smiling. Which shows contentment and satisfaction. Behind the man on the roof there is a curved structure constructed. It is covered in blue and has nine cups decorated on it. These cups are an emblem of satisfaction once the man fulfils his desire. 

Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

This card is the depiction of appreciation for everything you have done or created.  It shows that side of you when you are in the mode appreciating everything around you.

This card shows the person's content in all spheres of life. Abundance of life enjoying emotions with high intensity. It is also called the wish card. It shows the best combination of planets fulfilling everything you wished for.

It is a sort of a ticket to enjoy the best time of life. It depicts enjoying food, art, culture, luxuries and all pleasures of life. You are completely away from all kinds of guilt and negativity. It is also a reminder of blessings and gratitude.

Once you start appreciating and valuing them slowly the list will increase and you will know how blessed you are. Follow the law of attraction slowly you will see the change in your life.

The person sitting on the bench can only sit for a certain period. So make sure you enjoy this period to the fullest. So cherish what you have now.

Upright Nine of Cups Card Prediction for Love

At present your relationship is at a good place. You are enjoying contentment and peace in the relationship. Sexual pleasures and romance are high at this point. This card indicates engagement, commitment, marriage and pregnancy for some. It also foretells that you are healthy both emotionally and physically.

You have learnt from your past mistakes and have become emotionally mature. You have learnt the importance of self-respect which has given value to your individuality and choice. Such a change will benefit you for future relations. The positive energy will help you attract the right person. A good time to go out and meet new people. 

Upright Nine of Cups Card Prediction for Career

The card shows a good time on the career front. Success, achievements and acclamation are all going to be bestowed on you. Luckily, any project you are involved in is going to be successful. This is the time to execute all your dreams into action. If you are dreaming of a promotion or starting your own business this card ensures success. On the other hand, prosperity on the financial front both money and investments will be enjoyed. There are high chances of being rewarded in terms of money, position and bonus.

Upright Nine of Cups Card Prediction for Health

A good card in terms of health. If you have been suffering from a prolonged illness then it is the time when all such worries will vanish. Improvement in health will be foreseen.  If you are already fit then please maintain it. 

Nine of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

Even when you can see you have got everything you need, you still feel something is missing. Is it that you have attained material satisfaction but spiritually in the heart you are not very happy and content? This card pushes you to rethink or ask yourself what exactly you want in life that will make you feel content. You might have lost touch with your inner soul in order to please your ego and the quest to please others.
It indicates that instead of looking out for happiness and peace you should go out and do what makes you happy from within.

For some it also indicates disappointments because of wishes not being fulfilled. Since you have unrealistic expectations. You might also be wishing or dreaming but not doing things to make your dreams come true. Instead waiting for it to be fulfilled on its own.

You need to put in extra effort to pursue things.

It is time to reconnect with self in all ways, dream and get down to fulfilling them. You need to be proactive. It also reminds you to take care of your health instead of compromising and over indulging in unhealthy activities.
Stop depending on short term pleasures instead focus on long-term goals and balance things.

Reversed Nine of Cups Prediction for Love

Unfortunately, the reversed card is not good in terms of love. you will face disappointment in the current relationship from both ends. From outside you might appear to be perfectly fine but from inside you are feeling bad and hurt. It can also be that you might be regretting this relationship. It can also mean boredom or stagnant time after a festive and exciting time in your relationship.

Singles, you are not in the frame of mind of going for a serious or mature relationship. If you have observed that you are dating the wrong person then go ahead with giving yourself some time and analysing your desires and wants. Once you are sure about what you want then only go ahead with finding a new partner. Do not haste into taking this decision and regret it again. You need to feel happy with yourself then only you can make the right choice.

There are high chances you are into a relationship where you are sexually active without being in love. for some arrogance might be keeping some deserving partners.

Reversed Nine of Cups Prediction for  Career

Unfortunately, your dream job might have turned into a haunting experience. You might have been rewarded for your efforts but it did not give you emotional satisfaction which you were expecting. Struggle on the career front is foreseen. Your hard work might not be paying you well. There are high chances of promising investments to turn into disappointment.

Reversed Nine of Cups Prediction for Health

You might be having eating disorders and indulging into overeating and other unhealthy activities. If you think you need medical assistance then go for it do not ignore the signal? Stop being pessimistic as it can be one of the reasons to affect your health negatively.

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