Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords Tarot Card Description

In the Rider Waite tarot deck, the Seven of Swords card depicts a man carrying five swords in his hand, while the remaining two swords are standing on the ground behind him. The card suggests that the man may be trying to sneak away from a situation, possibly a camp.

The expression on the man’s face is that of confidence; he smiles as he avoids and leaves behind an uncomfortable situation or person.

Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

 The card suggests deceit and deceiving someone. However, while the man may seem to get away from the situation at the moment, sooner or later he will have to face the consequences of his decision. If he has cheated someone or has stolen or acted illegally in any manner, not confronting the situation can actually make things worse.

It is important to remember that everyone makes mistakes, by owning up to your mistakes, and then taking the required steps to make amends, is what’s important.
The Seven of Swords card can also suggest a desire for freedom, and going solo. If you feel like you want some independence and want to explore and discover things on your own, don’t be shy! The card is encouraging you to take your own path.
Upright Seven of Swords Card Prediction for Career

Keep a lookout in your office. The Seven of Swords card in a career tarot reading can suggest that either you or those around you, maybe engaged in some form of deceit. If you think that your colleagues are trying to manipulate you, undermine you, or have been spreading rumours about you, ignore them, and do not get involved in the vicious circle of taking revenge. This Minor Arcana card is telling you to focus on your own strengths, and instead use your adaptability, resourcefulness, flexibility, and your grit to put yourself ahead of the rest. Focus on strategies and steps to advance your career, as it will pay off in the future.

It is always a good idea to keep track of your finances. The card is a warning sign that someone around you might try to trick you or steal from you. Do not enter into skeptical financial schemes or deals, even with someone close to you. Make sure that you do not have any money or expensive items just lying around the house. Keep everything securely.
Upright Seven of Swords Card Prediction for Love

Needless to say, the deception card can signify cheating or lie for those in a relationship. However, this does not mean that it is a guarantee that your partner may be unfaithful. Do not jump to conclusions without any evidence. Your partner may not be cheating but could be lying or hiding something from you. 

Communication and trust are much-needed aspects of a happy relationship. Give your partner a safe space to talk freely and honestly. Be patient with whatever they try to tell you.

If you are single, the Seven of Swords card is telling you to be careful, especially if you meet someone new. If you want a committed relationship, you have to put yourself out there and stop playing games. Be clear about your feelings, and do not be afraid to show interest. Being vulnerable to someone you trust is not a sign of weakness.
Upright Seven of Swords Card Prediction for Health

Instead of ignoring or dismissing health concerns, consult a professional health practitioner. If your symptoms have been persisting, there could be an underlying problem. Putting it under a carpet, and being in denial of your symptoms does not mean that the problem will go away. Be careful of your health, and avoid any activity that puts your health at risk.

There could be issues related to varicose veins and blood circulation.
As a Yes/No card- No

 Seven Of Swords Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

 When the Seven of Swords appears reversed in a reading, it can indicate that something that was stolen from you, will be returned. If you have been waiting for someone to be apologetic, you will be now receiving the apology.
When reversed, the Seven of Swords meaning encourages you to be open to suggestions and advice. Any criticism that comes your way, will be constructive. It is time you accept what you are going through and make an attempt to overcome the blockages that are standing in your way. There is no point in trying to escape the situation. It is time to break free from old habits and your ways of thinking.

In the same breath, the card also cautions you against relying too much on others and taking responsibility for your own decisions.
Reversed Seven of Swords Prediction for Career
When the Seven of Swords comes reversed in a career spread, you will be acknowledged for your hard work. With accolades coming your way, do not lose sight of your goals. To succeed in your endeavours, keep a check on your emotions and thoughts.

If you are feeling burdened with too much work, do not be afraid to ask for help as not many people are as fortunate as you in receiving it. Be thankful for the help, but don’t forget to take the credit for your own hard work too.
On the negative side, the reversed card warns against laziness and indecision. If you are not alert, you could miss some new opportunities coming your way.

Sometimes, the card suggests that you are finding it difficult to take the first step in a new direction as you are continually coming up against one setback after another. But deep inside you know that when the timing is right, you will be able to follow your dreams.
In a financial spread, this card reversed indicates that you may be ignoring some good advice about money which someone is trying to give you.

Do not take any risk with your money at this time and stay far away from any type of gambling, especially from any schemes that sound too good to be true.
Reversed Seven of Swords Prediction for Love
In a love reading, the reversed card may indicate that you are tired and uncomfortable of hiding the extra-marital relationship which you are in and want to come clean with your spouse. You are now willing to spill the beans and let your partner know about what is happening.
Either way, if you don’t, your dirty deeds will come to light and you will be caught sooner than later. May as well be honest and admit it bravely.

On another note, it may be you who is being manipulated or cheated and it is time that you recognise the red flags waving in your face. It may even be just emotional manipulation by your loved one, but this is the time you put an end to the pain and frustration it is causing you.
Reversed Seven of Swords Prediction for Health

When the Seven of Swords comes reversed in a health reading for you, it cautions you to be alert to any signals your body is sending your way. If you are feeling exhausted, take some time out. Do not push yourself to achieve the impossible at this stage.
If you are suggested some surgery, do take a second opinion.
As a Yes/No card-Yes card / Sometimes No.

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