Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Description
In the Rider Waite deck, the card shows a man sitting on a cubic stone, holding on tightly to a gold coin. His arms are folded in an infinity symbol, symbolising the flow of abundance. One coin is balanced on his head on which a crown is placed, while two are securely placed under his feet(symbolising earthly possessions). The crown is symbolic of the man being a ruler or owner of a thriving business. He is unable to move because he is holding on tightly to his possessions. The city in the background symbolises opportunities.

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

 When the Four of Pentacles appears in a reading, it depicts a hard-working person, who puts his efforts and skills to build a good fortune for himself and others. But this money, instead of being a source of pleasure, becomes a source of stress and anxiety to him as the owner is always in fear of losing it or not having enough of it. The card is thus, often referred to as the ‘Miser Card’.
This card is also indicative of the need to strengthen one’s self-worth and find security within oneself.
It also points to the stubbornness in the situation or the seeker. Preferring to keep to himself, this person can be quite unapproachable.

Upright Four of Pentacles Card Prediction Career
When the Four of Pentacles comes in a career spread, it indicates that you are working towards establishing strong foundations, that will pay off in the future. But your fear of losing your position plays in your mind all the time and so you refuse to share any information or ideas with your co-workers, as you worry they might take the credit for it.

Sometimes the card also suggests that you are simply holding on to the job because you are scared of losing the financial security that comes with it.
The card also symbolises power and status that comes with material goods and finances.
When this card comes in a financial spread, all you seem to be doing is saving and investing. Sometimes you are being so frugal that you are not even ready to spend any money to grow your own business.

The good thing is that it indicates financial security and stability, but the sad part is that you are just not willing to enjoy the fruits of your labour since you are perpetually scared that you won’t have enough money.
Upright Four of Pentacles Card Prediction Love
In a love reading, the card indicates a relationship that is financially stable and a committed one. Sometimes one partner can only be concerned with making money instead of nurturing the love. The card can also strongly point to a relationship which is chugging along only because of the money and security it provides, in spite of the lack of freedom and excitement in it.

For those who are single, the card shows that the person is so focussed on making money (which may be a necessity at this stage), that he has no time for a relationship.
Upright Four of Pentacles Card Prediction Health
When the Four of Pentacles comes in a health reading for you, it can indicate some flare-up of a disease you may have suffered in childhood. It can also indicate digestive problems due to worrying too much. You are suggested to add more calcium content to your food as you may suffer from bone-related diseases, like knee problems or even some dental issues.
As a Yes/No card-No card.

Four Of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When the Four of Pentacles appears reversed in a reading, it points towards unjustified fears which you may be experiencing about your financial security. You may not be having something solid and dependable to hold onto.

The card suggests sometimes that you are only focusing on what may happen instead of enjoying what you have. Remember, that it is important to stay in the moment. Do not lose track of what is really important in life. Usher in the much-needed change to move forward in life.
In the Rider Waite deck, the Four of Pentacles meaning, when reversed, depicts a man who is holding on to his material possessions with difficulty. Perhaps it is time that he just let go in order to experience the powerful sense of freedom.
Reversed Four of Pentacles Prediction for Career
When the Four of Pentacles comes reversed in a career spread, you may be having a tough time with your career. You are now ready for a change in your job after having come to the conclusion that things are not working the way you wanted it to. It is time you explored creative solutions to old problems and not look for shortcuts. It may even be time to let go of a failing business or some project at the workplace as gambles will not pay off anymore.

Chances of being cheated by your clients are high or the theft of your ideas.

Sometimes the card also suggests that you are spending too much time helping your co-workers.
When this card comes reversed in a financial spread, it indicates that your budget may become temporarily limited as you have been carelessly spending your income. Too much generosity may have caused instability.

Sometimes the card points out to the inappropriate balancing of your money which has led to this financial crunch. Maybe you made some risky investments which didn’t pay off in the long run.
Reversed Four of Pentacles Prediction for Love
In a love reading, the reversed card indicates that you need to let go of your expectations in your relationship. You are plagued with some underlying fears or control issues. Perhaps you are not accepting your partner for how she/he is and that could be the cause of the friction within the relationship.

Sometimes the card suggests that your greed for material acquisitions is not allowing you to give any time to your relationship. You think the only way to attract love into your life is by showing off your bank balance.

Or you may be having trust issues with your partner because of your past bad experiences and refuse to open up emotionally. Remember that you have to open your arms if you want to be hugged.
Reversed Four of Pentacles Prediction for Health
When the Four of Pentacles comes reversed in a health reading for you, you are now ready to let go of an old pattern that only encouraged anger and negative thinking in you. You will now move forward in a positive and healthy manner.
As a Yes/No card-Mostly no/sometimes yes card.

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