King of Cups

King of Cups

King of Cups Tarot Card Description

A man sits on a large stone that signifies the throne. He is wearing a gold cape which symbolises authority and high status. Since fish is the symbol of creativity, it is tied around his neck. He is holding a cup on his right hand which shows the emotional aspect. The sceptre on the left-hand exhibits the power. He is focusing on other things instead of the cup which means he is in control of his emotions.

The throne on which the person is sitting is floating on the block in the middle of the sea. On the one side, a fish is jumping out of the water while on the other there is a ship sailing. It shows how calm and composed the person is in spite of turbulence. He is balanced in both action and emotions.

A diplomatic person who can handle problems, take action and has farsightedness. Patience will pay off as you are tolerant towards shortcomings.

King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The person has mastered the emotions, creativity and subconscious. It means that no emotion can overpower you to make you hyper or sink in depression. In the worst of times you are controlled and calm. Negativity might try to toss you but your maturity will help to treat it well. Set boundaries to deal with things. Your intellect and smart thinking will make you make better decisions.

Do not let others steer your course. You are very well connected to your intuitive voice. And it helps in thinking logically and understanding human interaction.

You are a leader who works towards achieving his goals but also takes care of others happiness.

He is wise and can appear as a spiritual guide or coach.

Upright King of Cups Card Prediction for Love

It is the father card.  This card brings with itself good omen. Arguments with the loved one will end. It is a love card and will lead to contentment along with support from the partner. There will be lots of love and romance on the charts.

Singles, a potential partner is likely to approach you. It is one of the best cards one can get. It depicts romance, charm, devotion and loyalty. You would be a caring partner, father and will be emotionally mature.

Upright King of Cups Card Prediction for Career

An older person will offer you help in context to career. You would be able to deal with all career-related problems wisely and also learn the tacts. You will be liked and respected by your fellow workers. Give the needed attention which your career needs. For those looking out for a new career, opportunities can opt for caring or healing or an art field. It would turn out to be good for you. Focus on financial concerns. Do not ignore finding balance in the financial sector.

Upright King of Cups Card Prediction for Health

You would see healing on its way. It is time to treat yourself well. Emotionally you would feel positive.

Page of King Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

You are only focusing on inner emotions. You are discovering the emotions and subconscious. You are in a constant struggle to control your feelings so that it does not restrict the feeling of opening up, freedom and living life to the fullest. You need to help yourself and balance your emotional side. You might appoint a counsellor or keep a journal to cope with things and make sensible decisions.
It will also help you to cope with emotional upset and drama. People might push you towards becoming frustrated and due to it, you might end up throwing emotional tantrums. At this stage of life, the card predicts that you are moody, dependent, lack self-love and also punish yourself for petty mistakes.

You need to find peace and be calm. Do not get swayed by other people. Hiding from the world just because you want to escape confrontation and do not want to be hurt. Do not bottle your emotions as you might burst at the wrong person at the wrong time. It is better to find the therapist.

You also carry the trait of pushing others with an emotional weapon to do things. There are high chances of you blackmailing others to fulfil your personal agenda. It leads to emotional instability. 

Reversed King of Cups Prediction for Love

Emotional instability, endless problems will be foreseen. As couples, you might not be treating each other properly. One of you might go through a bad time. Try to resolve all such problems. It might show cheating, pervert behaviour, disloyalty, abuse, violence and also some kind of major mishap. Ensure to seek help and take precaution to secure yourself and avoid any such incident.

If you are single, it indicates an affair with an already committed man. It will show a partner who will deceive you! Be careful while you date! It indicates some wrongdoings from the person’s end. It can be in any form of abuse. The person can be manipulative, he would be a person in disguise. Ensure you do not get manipulated by any such person and keep your senses wide open.

Reversed King of Cups Prediction for Career

You may have to face an irritating person in the workplace. He will try his best to hurt you emotionally and mentally. He would trouble you to the extent that you might end up doing things that would stain your character or image at work. Due to all this, it is likely to appear that you are not interested in the work and are only here for the money.

Your creative side will be blocked and you would have lost the creativity as you are only concentrating on wealth building. Try to regain your creativity and connect to your passion. High risk of falling prey to con artists etc. So be careful and do not trust anyone blindly. Take financial advice from professionals and stay alert.

Reversed King of Cups Prediction for Health

Something in life is negatively affecting you. It can be drugs or alcohol. It will affect your health and well-being drastically. Make a good choice to stay healthy. 


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