Page of Wands

Page of Wands

The set of Minor Arcana cards predict the daily events and quests in a person’s life. These cards are called minor but that does not mean they do not have any significance or are less important than the other set of tarot cards.

They are divided in four sections – The Suit of Wands, The suit of Cups, The suit of Pentacles, The suit of Swords. Each section contains 14 cards with unique meaning. They analyse and show you the in-depth situation of the present time. One can know the present scenario and how it is affecting you. It helps to think rationally and work towards achieving your goals. 

These cards predict the temporary situation and keep changing according to the flow of energy.
Page of Wands Tarot Card Description

It belongs to The Suits of Wands, which is known as the element of fire and concentrates on will power and action.
The page of Wands cards depicts a positive change from bad to good. The land where the man in the picture is standing shows that it’s a barren land that has not produced any fruit. His clothes show the probability of transformation which is completely in his hands. His thoughts appear to be hypothetical and can only be achieved with a pure heart. 
He seems to be excited and well aware of growth and prosperity but he lacks inspiration and the courage to take action. He is caught up in the situation which restricts its growth and the zeal to come out this present set up. 

Page of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The card shows the person is excited about the possibilities, the future and the outcome of the plan but he does not have the idea of how he will go about it. He has the vision but no itinerary for the action. The person dreams have aspirations but he is not going anywhere when It comes to moving forward until he takes action. You are not very confident about your creative side which is the reason behind the stagnant position that inspires the future fruit that awaits you. 

It indicates one to try out ways and ideas to achieve those aspirations. Experiments with various options are expected out of the person if he wants to get out of the present situation. This card calls out to those who have lost their way out of misery or fruitless situations. You need a wise guide who has helped you in the past and can really help you get out of this situation. 

Upright Page of Wands Card Prediction for Love 

When the page of wands card is picked for love tarot reading it indicates romantic messages which are likely to be received by your heart. It shows adventure in the relationship. For singles, it might be a good time for some flirting and fun while the ones in a relationship will see things spicing up. 

Upright Page of Wands Card Prediction for Career

In terms of career, it will show good news. A lot of energy, enthusiasm. For those who are on the lookout for a new job, this might bring in some great news for you and for the already employed it can promise promotion or a new project. Your creative quotient and lateral thinking abilities will be high. A good change in finance is visible as unexpected income is foreseen. 

Upright Page of Wands Card Prediction for Health 

It is telling the person to make efforts in order to improve health. Just wishing will not make things better. One needs to take control and do things to improve like exercise or change of diet. Might find it tough but when you get into action it will only benefit.

Page of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

It foretells that something new is starting to emerge inside you but you have no clue about it and also how to deal with it. How to get it in action or what to do with it? The idea is in the seedling state and yet needs more working before bringing it forth. You are excited about it but wait and let it develop on its own to reach the state of presentation. If you bring it into action before its time it might backfire. So give it time. 

It also means that you tried your hands on a lot of things etc but they did not turn out as you had imagined. Your dreams might have been bigger but they did not turn the same in reality. This card helps to re-associate with your thoughts, ideas and find a different way to bring it in action for a better result. The idea may not be wrong, it's the execution that needs to be right. So keep trying. 

You need to build up your confidence and motivate yourself to overcome all such obstacles in life. Do not let the beliefs fade out and fear creep in. 

It can also be the card that shows one's spiritual journey which he decides to opt for but might not be easy. Trust yourself and you will find all the answers within you. 
Reversed Page of Wands Prediction for Love
The card in the reversed form in context to love advice to know the person better before committing straight away. If the person is still sceptical about a relationship and has not committed yet then avoid any kind of haste. Or forcing as it is not the right time. If you are on a look out for new love you might get various advice and warnings from people but you should only listen to your heart.
Reversed Page of Wands Prediction for Career
At work the person is likely to face challenges and problems from a female. You might be caught up in decision making. If you are looking for a job change then do not focus only on one place. Keep your options open. Money status might increase. You might get good financial advice from an expert. Positivity on the financial front.
Reversed Page of Wands Prediction for Health
You will find someone to help you improve your health. Avoid doing things all by yourself. You might open up to new things and positivity.

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