Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups

The card in itself nudges the person to find a deeper meaning of life. Let go of things which are not relevant and not worth your attention. It pushes the person to go an extra mile and look for answers within and also put their strength and courage to good use.

Eight of Cups Tarot Card Description

In the Card you would see a man walking away from the eight cups right in front of him. The placement of cups is in such a manner that it seems one of them is missing. Such an observation shows that the person lacks emotions along with contentment in life. The man in the picture seems disinterested in the cups and walks away from them and vanishes into the mountains. The river depicts his emotions and mountains the tediousness of the journey. Despite the way being tough, he knows it will lead to long-term happiness. The moon in the sky is the light that will guide the person on the path ahead. The man has opted to move at night towards the mountains. It appears that he wanted to escape and did not want people to see him or be around him.

Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

It shows that you are all set to walk away from failures and situations full of misery and disappointments. You might be ready to escape from your job, relationship, lifestyle, and projects etc which were once the reason for happiness in your life. But now are the ones giving you emotional scars. It seems your efforts have gone to waste. Unfortunately, they have not turned out to be the way you had imagined. So, you have decided to leave all these things and move on in life.  You can feel a lack of emotions and compassion in your love, career, family and health sectors of life hence you have left. Others might think it to be a foolish decision as the misery is not visible on the face. But deep down you know what is best for you.

It can also mean you are escaping from a problematic area since you cannot deal with it. It seems you are trying to pretend as if such troubles do not exist and you are not dealing with it. You are pretending that the scene did not happen in the first place.

Instead ask yourself what do you want and how would you feel content. You have a fair idea of what you desire but going down deep you are not sure whether you are ready to stretch in order to attain long-term benefit.

So opting for anything on the basis of temporary happiness would not work. If you are caught up in such a situation then make sure you give time to yourself and then go ahead to take action, once you are sure. 

Upright Eight of Cups Card Prediction for Love

Abandonment in life or from your loved one or you do so is depicted by this card. You might be walking away from your relationship or you might be feeling disheartened. For some, it might also mean you have just exited from a bad relationship and its withdrawal symptoms are making you feel as if there is nothing more left in life now. Those who are in a relationship you might face issues due to ignorance from either side. On the other hand, for singles,

it might be tough to go for a new relationship as you are feeling lonely and scared. Your hurtful past must be holding you back due to this you have trust issues.

Upright Eight of Cups Card Prediction for Career

There are high chances that you are on the verge of leaving your present job since you are unhappy there. You might be having thoughts of changing your career it can be for either a job or business. You want to find new ways but your fear is holding you back. Travel related to work is foreseen in the coming days. You need to be very careful with your money. Make sure you have a say regarding your finances and are aware of the same.

Upright Eight of Cups Card Prediction for Health

Stop giving importance and also your time to negative things or thoughts. They will only ruin your health both physically and emotionally. Instead, change your mind-set and work towards things which will bring a drastic change in your life in a positive way.

Eight of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

You might feel you are stuck between staying and leaving. As you still hope to give it one last try to make things better. But the main concern is will this effort bring a change or not. Ask your inner feelings and intuition. You might wish to try one more time. It pushes you to listen to your heart to understand the new course of action. Others may have things to say but it all boils down to what you want.

At times it can also show that you are jumping from one place to another and are not content at one place or in the present place. Do not think that the other side of the river is more fertile as compared to yours. Sit down and analyse what you want instead of getting lured by others life or position.

Reversed Eight of Cups Prediction for Love

The fear of being alone is not letting you get out of a bad or unhappy relationship. On the outside, you may appear very happy in this partnership but inside there is nothing left except unhappiness. Lack of security and emotions can lead a union to this. In some cases, it also indicates the process of divorce getting nasty.

Singles can turn down a new partner because of his or her clinginess. On the other hand, some might be taking all sorts of ill-treatment in the relationship due to low self –esteem and self-love. Some might also be running away from a relationship because of commitment issues.

Reversed Eight of Cups Prediction for Career

The fear of change is holding you into a job or business which is stagnant and not fruitful anymore. Self-employed people who are still holding on to a non- profitable business, it is time you leave it and move on. Leave unhappy and non- profitable premises in both job and business and find a new path. Trying a new path or occupation even if it fails will give the satisfaction of at least trying. Avoid sticking to a job just because of financial security.

Reversed Eight of Cups Prediction for Health

You need to get away from situations which are negatively impacting you. Know what all you can do to improve things which will make your health better. It can be a change of diet, exercising or even positive thinking and approach.


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