Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Description


In the Rider Waite deck, the card shows an old man, who seems to be the head of the family, sitting in a stone archway(symbolising the gateway between the spiritual and material worlds) which leads into an estate. He is wearing a colourful robe with cryptic symbols on it and is surrounded by his family and two loyal white dogs. Three generations of the family are pictured here, indicating stability, comfort and prosperity. The figures represent the circle of life-childhood, adulthood and old age. The crest on the wall suggests a long heritage of family wealth.


The pentacles in the picture are arranged in a specific pattern, representing the Tree of Life. It illustrates the universe on all levels of consciousness; physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.


Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning


 A very positive card to receive, when the Ten of Pentacles appears in a reading, it shows financial success, family stability and spiritual wealth. It also indicates a family celebration or reunion of close relationships. A card of family legacies and inheritance; either you are the old man in the image on the card, willing your property to your children or you are the one receiving the inheritance. You have reached a stage when you are filled with a sense of fulfilment and everything looks wonderful between you and the universe. You enjoy sharing your wealth with others.


Upright Ten of Pentacles Card Prediction for Career


When the Ten of Pentacles comes in a career spread, it indicates a successful career path. For the businessman, the business is thriving and there is more money coming in. It is a good time to think of more ways to expand your business further. If you are employed, there is security in your job and you will enjoy financial stability in the long run. You are becoming an expert in your field and are going to get many more good opportunities to showcase your skills. You can expect a sudden rise in your pay or a promotion. You will be filled with pride, self-respect and gratitude. And you will want to help others get a similar success by sharing your storehouse of knowledge.


 If you are getting a job offer, the card urges you to accept it without hesitation.


When this card comes in a financial spread, it signifies money coming in from some family inheritance for your personal use. This is a good time to invest in some sound purchases or other investments. You may be building your savings or consolidating it for your retirement.


Upright Ten of Pentacles Card Prediction for Love


The Ten of Pentacles meaning for relationship is clear in the image itself. It suggests that there is a strong foundation in your married life and you are blessed with the support of the elders. You trust your family whole-heartedly and know that you will always have their backing. There is emotional and material comfort. 


Some married couples may be toying with the idea of starting a family.


In a love reading, the card indicates that it is important for you that your family approves of the person you intend marrying as in your opinion, marriage is also about joining two families together.


Upright Ten of Pentacles Card Prediction for Health


When the Ten of Pentacles comes in a health reading for you, it suggests that it is now time that you started taking a slow but steady pace towards your health goals. It can also indicate flatulence, short breath or nervous debility.


As a Yes/No card-Yes card.


Ten Of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card Meaning


In a general context, the reversed Ten of Pentacles card may represent rocky foundations, insecurity and instability in your life. The card can also be seen as a warning for dishonesty and possible cheating, and so, you should avoid any illegal or risky activities, as they may not go the way you planned. 


Ten of Pentacles reversed meaning can also suggest familial and marital problems. There could be conflicts and disharmony in the family, some domestic disputes, and family members feeling neglected and emotionally disconnected from each other. 


There are chances that you may be dreading an upcoming family event or gathering. 


Despite everything, Ten of Pentacles cards should also be seen as a reminder that even in the most difficult situations, there can be an opportunity for growth.


Reversed Ten of Pentacles Prediction for Career


In terms of your career, there could be a possibility of a downfall in your job or in your business. It may seem that your current job may not be giving you the security you are seeking or providing your long term stability. However, despite all this, it is suggested that you stay away from illegal activities, and avoid any skeptical business deals and propositions.


As another interpretation, this card can also suggest a traditional and conventional career opportunity. 


The card may suggest the possibility of unexpected financial losses or debts, and in extreme cases, bankruptcy. If you have been dealing with disputed inheritance, there may be the possibility of unnecessary fights over money.

The reversed Ten of Pentacles can also be seen as a reminder to not give money and wealth highest priority in your life. Surrounding yourself with only expensive things can make you want more and more, thus, leaving you constantly unsatisfied with your life.


Reversed Ten of Pentacles Prediction for Love


For those of you who are in a relationship, a reversed Ten of Pentacles card may not be a very positive omen. This Minor Arcana card can suggest insecurity and instability in your relationship and even divorce for married couples. The reason could be that you may be putting in more effort and giving more time to your career and materialistic pursuits, instead of spending time with your partner. And so, they may be feeling neglected and ignored. 


On another note, this card can also suggest that you yourself may be rethinking your relationship, and could be questioning things working out in the long run. 


If there are financial troubles in the relationship, they may be adding to the stress. 


For those of you looking for marriage, make sure your partner isn’t choosing you because of your financial status. 


And if you are single, the card can suggest that you are not ready for commitment, or entering a serious relationship just yet. You may be more inclined to keep things fun and casual. The Ten of Pentacles reversed meaning can also suggest an unconventional relationship coming your way.


Reversed Ten of Pentacles Prediction for Health


The reversed Ten of Pentacles can suggest a sudden and unexpected change in your health. There could be a possibility of a genetic or hereditary illness. The card may suggest breathing issues or feeling nervous and worrisome. 


It is, thus, advised that you set reliable health goals, and work towards them. 


As a Yes/No card- No

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