Six of Wands

Six of Wands

The minor arcana cards are a part of tarot reading. These cards have a special significance in the prediction and concentrate on analysing the present mental and emotional state of a person in present aspects of life. 

Six of Wands Tarot Card Description

The card signifies success, victory and the result of hard work. Others will recognise your efforts, confidence and you will be full of self-assurance. It shows triumph achieved in life.

The card has the picture of a man wearing a wreath which is a symbol of success. A white horse and crowd cheering is also seen in the image. The house represents strength, success in the adventure. The group of people depict the recognition of hard work and success by the public. The wand with wreath tied on top is a symbol of achievements. He is proudly exhibiting his accomplishments and the crowd is supporting the person in his or her achievement.

Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The card says that the person has achieved a major goal. You appear confident. You have given your all to overcome the five of wands, ignored all distractions and focused on the task. As a result, you have been awarded and blessed with success. There were challenges but you have overcome them. You have also received public recognition for your hard work. You can shout out loud and most of this happy triumph. Enjoy the love, support, attention and adoration from the biggest cheerleaders in your life and surrounding. Such appreciation will make you believe in yourself. Do not let any guilt suppress you or pull your confidence down. Be proud of yourself.

Do not think you are done here. So, do not let this success dance on your head and you end up losing the confidence and hard work traits to reach the finish line.

Upright Six of Wands Card Prediction for Love

The card symbolises success, stability and strength. You and your partner will collectively work towards your goals. You will be proud of each other. Singles, your dream partner is about to come into your life. This person will make you feel the best and will do everything for you. 

Upright Six of Wands Card Prediction for Career

You will get a new job if you are seeking one or promotion. Businesses will see success along with leadership and victory. You will reap the benefits of your hard work.

Upright Six of Wands Card Prediction for Health

Good health is on the charts and victory over an old illness will make you feel more energetic. People who are into sports and have been injured will recover and get back to playing. 

Six of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

You have reached a milestone but you like to keep it to yourself. You might shy away from public praise. It might be a private achievement which leads to no reason to share with others. It can be due to a lack of confidence. Do not measure your capability according to others validation. Trust yourself and your capabilities. It will boost your confidence.

It might be for some that you did not get your share of recognition. No feedback or appreciation. Instead, you were ignored and neglected. If by chance a project you hoped to be successful did not turn out to be one then shift to a new environment to rebuild your image. Rather than struggling to improve your image.

For some, it might also signify arrogance and you may consider everyone less than you. If you continue to think and behave so you are likely to be set right by someone.

Reversed Six of Wands Prediction for Love

You are likely to face disloyalty and instability. You do not possess qualities to cope with difficult times. You will be disappointed and surrounded by lies. You and your partner are not supportive of each other. You are not sharing success and other achievements due to ego and arrogance. On the other hand, singles lack self-confidence due to which you are losing good choices.

Reversed Six of Wands Prediction for Career

You lack success. Job seekers are losing good opportunities. They might have not presented the best of work. Businessmen or women might not achieve success as you had imagined. It also shows you lack leadership skills and enthusiasm to work towards your goal. Do not be a follower. Losses are foreseen. Adjust your life and take the necessary actions.

Reversed Six of Wands Prediction for  Health

You will face poor health. Already trapped in illness then it is likely to hold onto you for more time. Unfortunately, people in sports who are injured, your recovery might take more time.


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