Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

It depicts the caring personality of the person. The person for whom this card opens up is soft-hearted and gentle. Your enthusiasm is high and you only believe in following your heart.

Knight of Cups Tarot Card Description

The knight rides on the white horse. He is holding a golden cup which symbolises the heart with the messages. He is wearing the armour but over that, he is wearing a cloak which has fishes drawn on it. In a tarot reading, fishes signify creativity, similarly, here also the fishes signify creativity and consciousness. The shoes and helmet that the human Is wearing have wings which show imagination and how you enjoy beautiful things.

The horse is moving at a very steady speed which depicts calmness, thought and peace instead of haste. The horse hears is the personification of power energy and drive. The white colour is a symbol of purity.

The background painted on the card is barren with a few trees far off! It symbolises imagination which is not there.

Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

This is a romantic card. You are blessed with the art to master your emotions and intuition. Cleverly, you use it tactfully to charm people. You are compassionate because you understand others' feelings. You are extremely romantic and might enjoy writing poems or creating art. With the help of these, you will express your innermost feelings. You wear your heart on the sleeve and also love yourself in every way.

The card signifies action and now you will get down to making your dreams real. You will explore your imagination. You will be attracted by a particular hobby. Ensure your dream and then work towards making your dreams real.

This card is ruled by emotions and hearts. So, it exhibits your innermost feelings.

Due to this, you are likely to make decisions on the basis of what you feel. Do not be moved by what others think or say. Trust your intuition.

Upright Knight of Cups Card Prediction for Love

This card indicates that you are a person with whom anyone can easily fall in love. For singles, this is a great card! Someone is likely to impress you in the best way possible. For those who like someone now is the time you can go ahead to propose them or express your feelings.

You will be surrounded by charm, attraction and affection. It depicts marriage, engagement or proposal or commitment on the chart. It also shows that you are in a great relationship. It represents sensitivity, attraction, love and affection. This card is a symbol of good news.

Upright Knight of Cups Card Prediction for Career

The card is a symbol of good news, a positive offer! Any news related to job, course, the application will be good. There are high chances of receiving unexpected offers. You will be able to manage all kinds of stress at work and deal well. You will know how to diplomatically handle any problem. You need to know exactly what you want to pursue, so find out and go for it.
Financially, you would get great offers and you will enjoy a good flow of money. If you have any financial problem you need to think out of the box to successfully resolve them.

Upright Knight of Cups Card Prediction for Health

If you are waiting for any report or health update this might be a good time as you will get good news. Healthwise, you will feel better.

Knight of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

A new project is all set to be in the pipeline but you are not ready to act. You are over dreaming but not ready to act.  You are over-dreaming but not taking action to make it real. Chalk out the plan, figure out the budget, process and what all you need. This will give you clarity and weight to your dream to guide you into taking action.

This card also depicts the emotional side of some who are emotionally frustrated. As you might feel that you are not getting the opportunity to create or dream. This might make you jealous, moody etc.

Your over-romantic side is disconnecting you from reality. You are caught in the emotional frame which is making you delusional. Due to this, you are making impulse decisions at this point in time. Be careful not to make choices blindly.  Ponder over every step you take. 

Reversed Knight of Cups Prediction for Love

Unfortunately, it indicates broken marriage, engagement, refused proposal or even a breakup. This can show a very different side of a person of whom you have known from a long time or someone new you are likely to associate.

It might be possible that due to some confusion the person might turn violent, abusive etc! He might drown into drugs or alcohol and this would affect you negatively.

If you are single, you might find yourself with a person who possesses the above-mentioned habits. It will give you the signal that you are in love with someone who does not share the same feeling as you.

Reversed Knight of Cups Prediction for Career

You are likely to witness missed opportunities. A piece of bad news can also be dropped at you. If you are waiting for a result or news do not keep your hopes too high but stay positive. Do not get demotivated by unsuccessful offers. There are high chances of losing your job. You can also suffer due to some illegal activity, fraud etc. If you have a legitimate business then you do not have to worry. Just be careful and do not fall prey to lucrative offers.

Make sure you research well and then go ahead with any kind of investment or spending. Avoid any kind of financial problem. 

Reversed Knight of Cups Prediction for Health

It is time to take your health seriously. You need to stop ignoring your health. There are high chances for existing problems to multiply. Consult the doctor from time to time and change your routine for better health.


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