Two of Cups

Two of Cups

The card signifies harmony, stability and foundation of your life. Sharing and cooperation are installed in you. Relationships are important to you so you ensure to keep them safe. You believe in equality and trust in the relationship. Money is on your charts and your love life will strengthen.


Two of Cups Tarot Card Description


The card has a picture of two human beings. One is a man and the other is a woman. They are exchanging cups and swearing their love and loyalty towards each other. Above their heads, creativity is floating. There is a winged staff in the picture which has two snakes wrapped around it. They signify career, profession and trade. At the top is the face of the lion which symbolises energy and sexual energy between the two.


Two of Cups Tarot Card Meaning


It symbolises the flow of love between two people. Your shared ideology, compassion and values will be built with unconditional respect and love for each other. For some, it predicts that your relationship is at an early stage and has a lot of scope to develop, increase and deepen. You have respect and appreciation for one another and together you reach high planes of understanding.


When this card appears some of you are likely to enter a new relationship or find a new partner. You both focus on the same goals and work towards mutual benefit. You will aim towards attaining benefit on a mutual basis.


In an aromatic relationship, the two cups show a blossoming union. It shows your soul connection. You are the best version of yourself with each other. You encourage and support your partner in any decision you both make.


This card also signals marriage or engagement.


If you are in the same business, it shows you both share the same vision and goal. You might differ in quality and skills but your union will ignite focus and energy that will guide you towards your common goal. Your combination will be good and bare fruits. Such a partnership is likely to succeed in all aspects of life as your communication process is transparent and ideology is in alignment.


Upright Two of Cups Card Prediction for Love


This is a great card. It symbolises a blossoming relationship. It foretells to stay connected with the one you are attracted to. For some, there is a high chance of a reunion with someone from the past. You are likely to witness perfect union, proposal, engagement or marriage. Couples, you will take your relationship to the next level. This indicates developing a relationship with the soul mate.


Upright Two of Cups Card Prediction for Career


You are experiencing or likely to enjoy a successful business relationship. If you are planning to go for a business partnership then this shows good ideas. There would be harmony in the workplace. You will enjoy a good relationship with colleagues. Remember to balance things on the financial front.


Upright Two of Cups Card Prediction for Health


The cards are showing a good sign as you will overcome prolonged health problems. You will finally get your life on track.


Two of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Meaning


Self-love is the mantra which this card suggests. When you pour the desired love and care on yourself, you will start valuing and honouring the talent in you. You will let in positivity, which will change your perception towards self and life. Once you are able to inculcate such positivity in yourself then only you will start enjoying good things.

It also indicates a break-up or you leaving a relationship. You might observe that you both have lost the charm that was keeping the relationship going and safeguarding it. But it all seems to be over! Lack of trust and being transparent to each other is not proving to be good. Lack of communication is ruining your bond. If you want to change this situation work towards improving things and making a good flow of energy between you and your lover.


Reversed Two of Cups Prediction for Love


Singles, you are likely to romance with a person who is completely opposite to you and unpredictable in behaviour. For couples, it shows break up, arguments, separation and divorce. Some of you must be taking the relationship for granted. Unfortunately, you must be developing feelings for someone other than your partner. You must try to re-balance your relationship. Keep a check on your ego and emotions to make things better in love relations.


Reversed Two of Cups Prediction for Career


There are high chances of dissolving a relationship due to differences. You might not be respecting each other at all. At the workplace, you might be facing issues like harassment, inequality. The finances at your end might face imbalance. Make sure you handle your money nicely.


Reversed Two of Cups Prediction for Health


You are likely to face disharmony, stress and tension. Some of you might face extreme headaches or migraines. Make sure you take care of yourself. Keep a check on your high blood pressure.

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