Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups

This card depicts the perplexity in making decisions. It highlights one's realistic choices and availability. It also flags the courage to find a purpose in life.

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Description

In the picture on the card, there are 7 cups on the front side of a man. These cups are full of gifts. The cups contain a variety of gifts. Some are good while some are mysterious and not so good. A few of them have jewels, victory or items which you would desire but unfortunately some hold curses and negativity depicting in the form of snakes and dragons. In one of them, you would also find clouds which symbolise your dreams and wishes. Since each contains mysterious kinds of gifts, one needs to think before making a choice or picking any of these cups.

Do not get lured and be delusional instead focus on what you want right now and what is important for you.

Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

It is a flag-waving towards new opportunities choices and at times can make one illusion. A pool of options and choices is what it indicates. Make sure you do not get lured by tempting options and later regret. So, before you make a choice think 100 times, analyse the result and what it would take to fulfil this wish. Do not get blinded by the outward shine and fame.

Do not let ego drive the car of life for you. Instead, let your head take charge. Dig well to know that is behind each choice. If you keep wishing and are not geared to do anything about it then it is high time you start working towards it making things happen. You lack reality. Your plans seem good but when it comes to implementation they do not work.

Get out of options, choices, dreams and unusual planning. It is time to take a project at a time and go ahead with making it happen. Stay focused on one thing. Each option has both plus and minus points. You need to understand which option is feasible and you are ready to work on without any demotivation creeping in anytime. Do not let the cons of the choice make you regret your choice. So it is better you take time and then go ahead.

Upright Seven of Cups Card Prediction for Love

Singles, it is time to enjoy multiple options of potential partners on your way. Enjoy romantic time with the shortlisted ones or the one to figure out whether they fall in the category of a soulmate or not. On the other hand, for the couples, it might not turn out to be good as one of you is likely to get lured by a new interest and can question your loyalty in the relationship. Some might be stuck in the fantasy world about how their relationship was in the past or should be. You need to realise that instead of looking at the present and working on it. You might also be feeling disconnected as the initial phase of love is gone now. Do not let this feeling crawl in you. It does not mean that if you cannot get the same time back you cannot enjoy this time or recreate it.

Upright Seven of Cups Card Prediction for Career

Multiple options at work to grow in career. Do not take up more than your calibre. Do not spend a lot of time in analysing and thinking instead keep sufficient time to put things in motion. Do not commit if you cannot guarantee completion. Good opportunities to make a profit but consult then go for the trustful one. Do not get fooled by appearance.

Upright Seven of Cups Card Prediction for Health

Do not overexert yourself. Recognise your spiritual benefits and put them to work. Shortlist a few and put them to work for your benefit. Meditation is a good way to overcome stress and also rejuvenate your inner self.

Seven of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

It depicts the decision of picking the option that pacifies your inner self and wisdom instead of choosing the one that pleases others or just your eyes. Your intuition is the best tool which can help you make the right choice.  You might be surrounded by multiple options, do not get overwhelmed with that. Make sure you give yourself time and analyse all options and then go ahead. You need to find out what will be fruitful and helpful in the long run. Do not let shiny things blind you and change your decision. It seems that the multiple choices have clouded your mind and you are unable to make a decision. Cut down unnecessary options and narrow down your options. Make sure you analyse your choices based on long-term goals.

 Reversed Seven of Cups Prediction for Love

This card is a reality check regarding your relationship status. You need to look deep in your union to get clarity and fix things which need to be fixed. Do not ignore issues as they will not go away if you ignore them. Singles, you might be restricting some good opportunists open up. Do not keep unusual hope & loosen up.

Reversed Seven of Cups Prediction for Career

You might be trapped in an unwanted career choice and must be holding you back. This might also be keeping you off opportunities due to lack of focus. Do not dwell in the past suggests the card. Go out create opportunities for you. Be more decisive about matters related to finance.

Reversed Seven of Cups Prediction for Health

Poor lifestyle and choices are hampering your health. Overindulgence in food and alcohol and other unhealthy things will only deteriorate your health. Get down to getting balance in life. It is time to relax and not exert yourself.


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