Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups

It indicates home, family and harmony in both the premises. It also highlights all things positive and giving like sharing, equality and receiving. It also brings in front high chances of marriage backed by the lovers. Birth of a new one in the family is also foreseen.

Ten of Cups Tarot Card Description

In the picture a loving couple is standing together. Their arms are wide open and there are two children playing nearby in the image. They are looking at their beautiful house on the top of hill and a rainbow in the sky filled with ten cups.

The couple appears to be content, happy and blessed with everything they could wish for. They share the same bond positive bond with people around them.

The home on top of the hill represents stability. The best of grass on the hills represent fertility and the river nearby represents flow of emotions. The rainbow in the sky represents that all the problems and miseries in life are over and everything will be ok now. The scene is the depiction of all kinds of fulfilment and divine love. 

Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Happiness, joy, emotional contentment in relationship and family is what this card depicts. You are now going ahead to spread this love across other members in your group or surrounding you. This card comes up when you are surrounded by positive people and loved ones. It might appear that there is no scope of negativity and you help and support the ones who do the same to you.  The card indicates that you are respecting and celebrating each other’s achievements and success.

There is no tension in life or anyone causing problems instead you and your loved ones and family share an amazing bond and help each other stay happy.

This card depicts holiday, reunion, events etc spending time with loved ones. It means creating memories and bonds with closed ones. It is a romantic card indicating commencement of a new relationship or commitment like marriage, engagement etc. You might get the feeling of family or your soulmate.

It indicates wholeness, competitions and perfect setting in the relationship. Peace, harmony and love is foreseen via this card. Dreams and wishes are all set to come true. It is time to appreciate what all you have accomplished.

Your intuition helped you create a perfect life and have achieved what you deserved.
When you feel something is making you feel good then do it more and if there is something which makes you feel bad or uncomfortable then stop doing it. Do not follow the path which others want you to opt instead go for things you choose and like.

Upright Ten of Cups Card Prediction for Love 

It is a soulmate card great for long term relationship or marriage. Happy times in the relationship can be foreseen. If you are planning to have kids or take your relationship to the next level of commitment then this is a good time if you have separated from your lover then it indicates a new union in future. 

Singles, it signals you are starting  a new relationship which will be for a long term. It will be for a long time. It will give you stability and security. 

Upright Ten of Cups Card Prediction for Career 

It depicts a good time in terms of money. Things will be going now. You are reaping rewards of your hard work. Time to focus on the family and enjoy your hard work. Investments which you have made previously should be going great. Luckily, your finances will be in good place. 

Upright Ten of Cups Card Prediction for Health 

If you have opted for changes in life to stay fit and get better then you made the right choice. If not then it is time to do so. You have been ill from quite some time then you will see improvement and increase in energy levels. 

Ten of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

You are on the lookout for harmony togetherness in a relationship. You wish for one but unfortunately you lack the same in your relationship. It seems that you are missing something in life and finding it tough to communicate honestly or talk to each other. Unfortunately, each time you try to sort things out something goes wrong and the distance between you two increases. You need to leave unrealistic expectations. Do not expect the relation to be rosy all the time. Accept that every relation has ups and downs and it is a part of life. You might be thinking that you are no longer fit for each other and planning to leave. You need to revise your expectations work on your relationship if after that if you think things are still the same then you can decide to walk out. But first try!

Bridge the gap and clear out misunderstanding and other issues with your lover. Rebuild the relationship and value each other. Love and let others love you in their own way do not expect them to be or behave like you. It is time to become more transparent.

For some it can mean you are trying to ask yourself what you want in a relationship. Instead build and improve relations with your partner going forward. Do not spend all your thoughts only thinking about your likes and dislikes.

Think that you can also work on yourself to make others happy and plan your future relationship. Then see how the relationship will be in sync with your desires.

If you think you are unable to contribute further in a relationship then move out and find a new one where you can give yourself completely without any doubts.

The ten of cups reversed foresees that you are not living by your values

Reversed Ten of Cups Prediction for Love 

A rocky time for the relationship can be seen. One of you might want to get settled, get married and have kids while the other might not want that. It can also represent a break up. seperation , divorce or a non-traditional relationship. If you are planning for kids need to consult a doctor if you have any issue in conceiving. Some negative thoughts and ideology can be troubling you and not letting you go for a good relationship. If you are from a dysfunctional family then you need to see how due to that you have are affecting your present relationship and where you need to make changes to improve things.  

Reversed Ten of Cups Prediction for Career

Working with family or social work is foreseen in the present time. You might be feeling isolated at work and might find lack of teamwork around you whether in business or job. There are high chances of argument and conflict at work. Hectic work schedule might be taking a toll on your health and this might be negatively affecting your family.   Lack of stability or financial security. Do not risk investments and keep money for rough days. 

Reversed Ten of Cups Prediction for Health

This card indicates that there is no balance between body and diet. Unexpected health issues can germinate adding more problems. It also signifies fertility issues so it advises you to see the doctor asap if you notice something strange.


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