Four of Wands

Four of Wands

The minor arcana cards are a part of tarot reading. These cards depict the daily events, your present mind-set and choices. The cards are divided into four suits with each suit containing 14 cards which depict a particular meaning in detail concerning human life. 
Four of Wands Tarot Card Description
The card shows two happy people dancing and celebrating. They have flowers in their hands as a symbol of prosperity and growth. Grapes are hanging in between the wands along with the wreath blossoming. They signify joy, happiness and celebration. Such a celebration occurs when a particular milestone is achieved. On the other hand, there is a group of people standing outside the castle representing the family. It signifies safety and comfort. It also means that the family is happy with your achievements and supports you fully.  

Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The cards predict that there is joy around the corner. It is the result of your hard work and efforts. Your patience, dedication made it happen. It is all happening because you made all your goals reachable and one by one going forward to achieve them. For single people there is good news, you might get doubled up. Whereas the committed ones would be hearing the wedding bells round the corner.
The cards promise stability which is all set to stay in your life for now. After a painful and stressful wandering, you are now going to find the direction that you had been longing for. This card is like the faith you had been seeking. It will meet all your spiritual and emotional needs.

Upright Four of Wands Card Prediction for Love
The card shows stability, success, security and happiness in the relationship. Everything seems to be going well. Welcoming ceremonies, celebrations and parties are likely to be seen. For couples who had been thinking of getting married this might be the right time to ring the wedding bells. For the singles, you will enjoy life in all ways. For some, the re-entry of the past love can be seen.
Upright Four of Wands Card Prediction for Career
You are enjoying a good work environment. There is a lot of support at work and the environment is friendly. You have a good and happy team which helps to accentuate your work skills. There is an office party seen on the charts. Luckily, your finances are in good condition because of good planning regards to finance. With this success of wealth management, you might be treating your loved one with a good meal.
Upright Four of Wands Card Prediction for Health
You will possess good health and vitality. You are likely to see positive signs as you will recover from your past illness. For women, who are planning to get pregnant this might be a good time.

Four of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

The joy that the card holds and brings with itself is so high that the meaning does not change in the reversed stage. Also, it does not have any negative effect. Any changes and complication that might occur are very petty and won’t affect the happiness that the card assures and you have achieved. It is a well-deserved and earned victory so enjoy it to the fullest.
It might show minor delay or obstacles which can easily be dealt with. For example, train missed or flight delay. There will be nothing more than that.

Remember not to be envious of people around you. Even if they are more successful than you or achieved higher than you. You got what you deserved and earned. In this negative feeling do not lose what you have earned and cherished it. If you develop any such negativity then the happiness that you hold will become temporary.

Reversed Four of Wands Prediction for Love 
There are high chances of being unhappy in family life and face failure in the relationship. There is insecurity and unpredictability experienced in the relationship. The card shows division or cancellation of an event. You might be facing issues with the family to get their approval for your relationship. For some, the wedding can be postponed. Singles might be feeling that they do not fit in. if you are hoping for a reunion with your past love then, unfortunately, it will be cancelled. 
Reversed Four of Wands Prediction for Career 
Unfortunately, things are not fine at work. The work environment is not good. You will experience back-biting, clashes and also find it troublesome to make friends. The team you are working with will be very unpleasant. There are high chances of office parties going bad and you becoming the mocking stock. Avoid drinking and going out of control. Lack of planning and management. Family expenses are likely to stress you out. 
Reversed Four of Wands Prediction for Health 
You are not giving enough time to your health, due to which you are not able to recover from bad health. 

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