Five of Wands

Five of Wands

Minor Arcana cards are the second set of cards in tarot. These are considered minor and emphasis on the day to day events, activities, behaviour, choices, thoughts and decisions of the person. They play a vital role in the tarot prediction. 

Five of Wands Tarot Card Description

In the card, the image from far shows five men fighting with each other holding a wand of his own. But when you see the image closely, they are all holding a weapon but are not exactly hurting each other. It shows that the set up in the picture there is no specific reason behind it as to why they are standing like this. By the way they are standing appears to be chaotic and can create conflict. Each man is wearing different clothing in different shapes etc which makes them unique. It symbolises diverse backgrounds and beliefs. It can be the reason that due to it they are not on the same page.

Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The card depicts conflict and change. The conflict can be in five forms or one. The same can be already existing or likely to generate in the coming time. It purely highlights the problem in communication. It seems that there is a problem between you and your listeners. You might not sound convincing or there is a probability that whatever you are saying things is misunderstood by some.  You might face competition or problems in areas you are not versed with. Ensure to deal with one problem at a time. Take it as a learning, cope with them at a civil level and do not get violent. It could also mean a personal struggle not only professionally. You need to find the source of the problem and deal with it intelligently.

Upright Five of Wands Card Prediction for  Love

The card means arguments, conflicts and fights. You are likely to face frustration and aggressiveness due to competition, which might hamper your love relationship. Some couples enjoy the fights and aggression which keeps their relationship interesting. For them, this could be a good time.  For others, you need to control your anger and other aspects which can ruin your relationship. Avoid feeding your ego.

If you are single, then your love life is likely to be chaotic. You will enjoy attention from all ends but do not overdo it and how attitude as it can create a problem.

Upright Five of Wands Card Prediction for  Career

It represents conflict in the workplace. You are likely to face personality clashes. There would be competition to get clients. Success is yours to take so fight for it most intelligently. You might also face creative clashes, so remember to think out of the box. Financial struggle is also foreseen, so ensure to keep a check on your financial affairs. There are high chances of fighting to get your financial matters resolved. They would not be permanent but will also not let you rest. You will overspend on your loved ones. But petty matters like a refund can make you unhappy.

Upright Five of Wands Card Prediction for  Health

You would be fighting off illness. It will reduce the level of stress which is causing a lot of problems. If you are someone who loves sports be careful because you are likely to get injured.

Five of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

Your way of dealing with things might make problems escape but until they are resolved from the root level you will not be at peace. Do not panic with the number of problems instead take one at a time. Do not go for a temporary solution as it will increase the chances of the problem to retreat. Even if it takes the time make sure you eradicate the problem. The card meaning is reversed can also mean that you have dealt with all your problems and there is nothing to worry about.

Reversed Five of Wands Prediction for Love

After turbulence, your relationship is likely to boom or improve. You and your partner will come to a common ground and resolve all your problems to bring back the peace and harmony in life.

Reversed Five of Wands Prediction for Career

Your conflicts at work will end. You and your team will join hands and keep aside all egos. This team spirit will get down to finishing projects. Keeping your issues at bay and working without any clashes will help you achieve your goals. You have learnt to control your temper. Also, you are likely to escape or ignore an industry that has cut-throat competition. You are scared of losing your cool or losing to the biggies. Your money issues will be reduced. You need to fight harder to get your finances under control.

Reversed Five of Wands Prediction for Health

You might realise that you are failing to recover fast from the illness. To get your stress in control you are opting for measures which are leading to more problems. All those who are into sports be careful as there are high chances of getting injured.


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