King of Wands

King of Wands

The minor arcana cards play an important role in predicting the day to day happenings in life. They are divided into 4 categories which are - The Suit of Wands, The Suit of Cups, The suit of Pentacles, The suit of Swords. Each Suit represents an element and has a unique meaning in context to prediction. 

In The Suit of Wands, there are 14 cards which include the king of wands card. 

King of Wands Tarot Card Description

The king of wands card has a man sitting on a throne holding a wand. His clothes are decorated with lions and salamanders. The latter is seen to bite its tail. The wand that the man holds represents life and its creative side. The design of the cape represents fire and strength and the salamander represents infinity a constant fight to overcome obstacles. It shows the zeal to go on without any fear.

King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

 The King of Wands represents the fire in the person. The card predicts that the person is not interested in taking charge to give birth to an idea or even making efforts to put them in execution. Instead, he plans to take an idea from outside and ensure to appoint the right people to bring it in action and make it happen. It shows the leadership quality of the person and ensures that if he takes up a task it should be completed. The clarity of vision, focused sight are your tools which you excel at. Your team would believe in you because they admire your quality of far-sightedness and the zeal to not stop until you achieve your goal. This fire can make the person a little impulsive but you are clear about your future prospects and do not waste time whether it is work, love or any other aspect of life. 

 It also shows that there is an opportunity around the corner and you are all set to take it up. 

It all depends on your intention towards any work, if you want to do something full-heartedly then you will reach the goal but if you are not interested and do not have your heart and soul in it then it’ll not be able to be done in the best way as it could be. 

Upright King of Wands Card Prediction for Career 

The card is a symbol of making the move on the financial front. For work or tasks which had been waiting to be executed this might be the right time to bring them in action. Planning to buy something big, or invest then this is the apt time, go ahead. It is time to listen to your gut feeling and not question your decision. 

Upright King of Wands Card Prediction for Love 

It is a guard card. For those who are in love and want to showcase the feeling it protects and also ensures that you choose the right one. It gives you the freedom to express your love and be with them but not without communication, trust and respect. 

Upright King of Wands Card Prediction for Health 

Rest is what you need on both the mental and physical level. For those who are working beyond their capability, the card asks them to take a break, you are not a machine. Too much workout or exercise might exhaust you and backfire. It asks you to find a way that eases your pressure and also does not load your already filled plate. 

Reversed Meaning of the King of Wands 

According to the reversed meaning where you have the opportunity to become the leader you are not ready to take up the role. It shows that as a person you are creative, visionary but you are not very comfortable or up for leadership. Either you need to take the guidance of someone who can help you manage. You can be good at managing others but doubt your leadership skills. The reverse card depicts that the person can also be aggressive and arrogant. Do not put others off-side and take their effort for granted. Such behaviour can show you pride and uncourteousness.

Find the importance of teamwork, complete the task and embrace the leadership. 

The other meaning states that it depicts irrational and unrealistic goals for self and others. It shows the overly ambitious side of you which is making you set unachievable goals. It can be due to seeing other people’s achievements. Do not get swayed by it and concentrate on your vision. Each individual has its own capacity, calibre and creativity, so concentrate on your and accordingly go ahead with achieving reachable goals. 
 Interpretation according to the reversed

You need to keep a check on your temper. Simmer down your ego and stop expecting people to circle you and pamper. You lack responsibility and are never ready to take charge of your misdoings. It shows a drop out of integrity and high disloyalty. It shows that the side of the person where he or she thinks that no one is better looking than them and the world is in love with them. Life is all about them doing what they always believe, think and do. Inside they know how under-performed they are but outside make sure to boast whenever they get a chance and demean others. Such people in self-love can also be dangerous at times. 

Reversed King of Wands Prediction for Love

It indicates you to be aware of the partner you plan to go ahead in your relationship. He or she might not appear as they display to be. There are high chances of facing an abusive relationship. He or she might also turn out to be a womaniser or someone who enjoys breaking promises. Those in relationships need to think before going forward whether you are happy together or not and if not then you need to move on. 
Singles, there are high chances that the one you choose might lack the zeal to commit and not be someone who is serious in terms of commitment. If you still want to go ahead then take baby steps and avoid forcing things on them. Let them sail through smoothly and take it up themselves. 

Reversed King of Wands Prediction for Career

You are expecting things to automatically fall in your lap without any efforts. People’s suggestions and decisions are what you are depending on completely ignoring your inner voice and choices. 
There are some who are also bossing over others and too harsh on the team or juniors they are dealing with. Not a good card for those who are planning to start a business. Also a senior might try his or her best to hamper your growth on the work front. In terms of finance, you need to work really hard to enjoy the rewards.

Reversed King of Wands Prediction for Health

A low immune system is indicated. It is time to reduce the stress you are giving your body. You don’t need to be so hard to achieve happiness, you just need to look around and you will find.

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