Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Description

Eight wands are sailing the air at a very high speed. It depicts charge, movement and travel. The sky is clear, a beautiful river is flowing on the side. It depicts that the river is giving life to the surrounding. It is also a symbol of excitement.  Whatever the person touches or decides to do will give a positive result and also speed.

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The problems brought by the seven wands will all be gone and cleared. You have nothing restricting you to reach your goals or hindering your plans. It is a good time and you can put your plans in action. This card contains a high level of energy and will accelerate your success and journey towards the goals. You will be very busy and this kind of busy you would love. As it will be concerning your efforts and hard work to achieve success. It will show your progress.

You should go with the flow and not hold yourself. Things will move fast now, so do as much as you can. Gather all that you need to reach you're where you want to be. It is time to manifest your goals and dreams. The universe is full of energy so absorb the good energy from it to help you reach your ultimate goal. If you fear the speed and try to bring down the pace of your own growth, avoid doing so. Let things go the way they are going and flow with the flow. Just keep your mind and instincts active to avoid any mistake.  Do not waste this energy, pace and good vibes. Use it in the best way possible. Know what you want and align your plan and action accordingly.

Grab every opportunity! There is no more waiting or delay.

A trip or holiday is foreseen on the card.

Upright Eight of Wands Card Prediction for Love

People in a relationship will see progress and excitement making the time favourable for them. You will enjoy sex and passionate time with your partner. Whether it is a new relationship or an old one you will enjoy a good time with your partner. It will show speed in the relationship and you both will merrily dive in. Singles, you are likely to meet someone who will sweep you off your feet. There are high chances that you will be obsessed with a person

and romance will take off quickly between you two. It also signifies a holiday or finding someone during a holiday or travel.

Upright Eight of Wands Card Prediction for  Career

Things are taking off at great speed. You will be caught up in meetings and conferences. This card signifies energy and speed. So you will be surrounded by this energy most of the time. If you are into business then you are likely to start a new business before your planned time. This card shows haste, which if not used wisely can rock things in the wrong direction. So research well, plan and then take action. Keep patience!
A lot of cash flow inwards and outwards is seen. Just remember this card ignites haste in you, so make sure you analyse everything then go ahead.

Upright Eight of Wands Card Prediction for Health

Rapid recovery from an injury is foreseen! It also represents being physically active. You are likely to start a new health regime. Medical emergencies should be attended to as soon as possible.

Eight of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

It predicts that you are going way ahead than the normal speed in which you are supposed to move ahead. You need to re-think about your plan! Slow down, analyse each step then go forward. Your rush to achieve your goal might make you miss out on a lot and even urge you to make bad decisions.  This might also destroy good opportunities and things on the way. Do not get swayed by things that are shiny but hollow. Avoid getting lured by things! Switching from one idea to the other, halfway is a bad idea. Take time, finalise the idea then go ahead into implementing and investing in it. Otherwise, you will be stuck mid-way and will not be able to accomplish anything.

It also shows that you are very rigid and are not ready to change. It is also restricting the flow of energy and growth. If you feel you are in a stagnant position then things are likely to get difficult if you do not come out of your comfort zone. Think out of the box.

Keep the energy moving! It is likely that there will be a delay in your travel plans. You might face obstacles in life. It might make you feel restless and frustrated. Do not be disheartened. Look out for alternate plans and ways.

This might also be a time when you need to halt and wait for the time to be auspicious to do things and get a better result.

It might also mean you are preparing yourself by buying all the ingredients that are needed to reach your goal. You are in the process of getting your life on track whether it is emotional or physical. 

Reversed Eight of Wands Prediction for Love

Lack of romance is seen. As a couple, you might not have energy, passion and excitement. The relationship is not moving in the right direction from both the ends at the right speed. Some of you might have rushed into a relationship but lately must have realised that the fondness has reduced. A holiday romance will later turn out to be really bad.

Reversed Eight of Wands Prediction for Career

Things taking off very quickly or not taking off delaying might cancel some important travel plans for you.  Your career might come to a standstill. Lack of opportunity, cutback, and no promotion are foreseen for you. Excess workload due to a sudden hike in career is visible. Business people might see a few things not going the way they should. Poor timing! Slow growth in finances. Stay patient things take time. Do not go for impulsive spending, it might spoil things for you. 

Reversed Eight of Wands Prediction for Health

Slow recovery from injury or illness is expected. It depicts too much stress or laid back attitude due to which you are likely to suffer and not get desired results. A new illness is likely to take over, so be careful.


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