Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet Ceremony

The Sangeet Ceremony is where the party actually begins for an Indian wedding. Definitely, one of the most talked about events in the marriages of India. 

A sangeet ceremony takes place a few days (probably two to three days) before the wedding day, right before the Mehendi ceremony.

This pre-wedding function has become an indispensable part of the festivities, which offers respite from all the hectic seriousness of the wedding preparations.

Unlike religious functions such as Haldi Ceremony or other portions, the Sangeet ceremony in Indian weddings is solely conducted to relish in the happiness and joy surrounding the couple. 

The event is formally known to comprise female attendees from both families of the bride and the groom but with time even men are allowed to join in the fun. Traditionally, Sangeet was celebrated in Punjab regions of India but now it has been adopted by many other regions and communities as a form of celebration for the upcoming wedding. 

Significance Of The Sangeet Ceremony

The sangeet ceremony presents an exciting and fun-filled concept for the two families about to be joined in matrimony to let their hair down and get to know each other in a less formal setting. Nothing better than this opportunity to connect with your new extended family. Not just that, it adds a lot of color and fun to any marriage ceremony. Earlier a sangeet ceremony used to serve respite from all the tension and seriousness of the wedding preparations. 

The women of the house and the family would prepare the bride for her wife duties through simple songs, at the same time conveying their love to her.

Women of the family get together several days before the wedding day with musical instruments such as dholak and flute, surround the bride and sing and dance to traditional wedding songs.  Subjects of the song range from about daily life of women to teasing the bride about her upcoming wedding and her groom.  Some refer to the dreams and hopes of the girl who is parting from her family and loved ones while some tell the pain parents go through while sending their daughter off to her husband’s home. Previously the sangeet would last for a few days, but nowadays it's mostly a one-day event and sometimes just an evening.

Ceremonies like this prove how much of a social importance an event like a wedding holds in the lives of Indian families.

Although Sangeet is mostly popular in Punjabi and Gujarati communities 

Sangeet Ceremony In Modern Time

As the weddings in India have evolved from being this austere and sacred ceremony to glam quotient of pomp and show, similarly, Sangeet ceremonies have grown to become one of the main highlights of the pre-wedding celebrations. The days of simple sangeets with traditional wedding songs are gone and replaced with a planned event of elaborate and extravagant musical and dance affairs. Nowadays, wedding planners, event management agencies, choreographers, music bands, and DJs are employed to provide a seamless experience. Moreover, sometimes there are different set-themed sangeet events. Furthermore, sangeet is not just restricted to women of the bride’s family, but it is celebrated by both families together at a common venue. A stage is set where the entire family bandwagon and close friends perform either solo, in pairs or groups from each side. Even the bride and groom dance to popular numbers from movies.

Sangeet Song And Dance/ Sangeet Ideas

The sky’s the limit when it comes to Sangeet Ceremony ideas. The attire one chooses for the Sangeet is one of the best in the trousseau, in fact, second only to the wedding attire. The bride may choose to wear a dress of any color, cut or design. The groom may turn up the style higher with a Indo-western outfits. Apart from the song and dance, you might see interactive games, puzzles, or competitions where performances are lauded and awarded. There can be competitions like tug-of-war or Guess Who between the bride’s and groom’s team. Innovative themes like Bollywood Night, Disco Night, Magical World have been quite popular too. The song and dance are followed by lavish dining arrangements. 

Moreover, the Sangeet ceremony gives everyone an opportunity to get together. Relatives travel long distances to be there beside their loved ones on this special occasion. 

There’s no denying that Indians by nature are social beings who don't leave any chance to make a simple event into an ultimate fun affair. So, who doesn’ want to be a part of a Sangeet Ceremony in Indian Wedding?
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