Himachali Wedding

Himachali Wedding

You would agree about India’s fame as a land full of customs and ceremonies. From adolescence to adulthood, an individual experiences uncountable ceremonies and rituals. The most wonderful ceremonies and customs are seen in Indian marriages though. Particularly, the Himachali marriage is filled with fun and social ceremonies which will intrigue you! Yes, just like the gorgeous mountainous landscape. The wedding service in Himachal is followed by some intriguing and special rituals. There are various functions to finish the marriage, which makes it considerably all the more fascinating and euphoric.

Weddings in Himachal Pradesh take a loud and lively stand and all the more interesting distinctive wedding functions. The start is much the same as other Indian weddings where older folks start to look for an ideal partner for their kid.

On the off chance that you are interested to think about the wonderful Himachali wedding ceremonies and customs, here are some fascinating ones! Here are the intriguing and auspicious rituals and customs that will take you through traditional Himachali marriage.


The Matchmaking - The initial step or ritual for a Himachali wedding is matchmaking. A wedding matchmaker, otherwise called 'Dhamu' is Roovary is hired to find out the budgetary condition, societal position, horoscopes and discover ideal matches for the bride and groom. 'Gotra' and horoscopes are coordinated and based on the match of these conditions, the marriage is finalized. At the point when the match is found, the 'Tika', a traditional gift, is sent which is a conventional blessing. This seals the marriage deal.

Halad/Haldi - Halad or Haldi or turmeric holds a very significant role in Indian weddings. Considered a holy herb in Indian tradition, this multipurpose ingredient is utilized to enhance the beauty of the bride. The Haldi ceremony is held at both the bride and groom’s respective houses. The relatives apply 'Haldi' to the bride and groom. Additionally, milk, Chandan or sandalwood, and other beauty ingredients are added with the Haldi mixture to improve the skin tone and get a lovely wedding glow on the skin! An excitingly refreshing ceremony indeed!

Mama Swagat - The word “mama" signifies maternal uncle and 'swagat' signifies welcome. In this custom, the mama and his family are welcomed to the groom’s house with music, blessings, and sweets. This function is held to show the help of the uncle and different family members towards the wedding and the involvement of the families. The mama blesses the bride and groom and presents them with gifts.

Sehra Bandi - It’s common to wear turbans by men in Indian weddings. While the groom wears a special headgear called Sehra for the wedding. 'Sehra' is a wedding turban which is conveyed by the mother and different family members of the man of the hour and lady of the hour's family. At the point when the husband is dressed and prepared for the wedding, the spouses of the uncles tie Sehra to the uncles. This is a beautiful and normal wedding dress for family members and relatives.


Saptapadi - The actual wedding ceremony of a Himachali wedding starts after the arrival of the groom at the venue. For the Saptapadi ritual, red cloth or dupatta or a scarf is tied to both the bride and groom’s dresses into a knot. This knot symbolizes the lifetime marital bond of the bride and groom. The couple then makes seven rounds or pheras, known as saat pheras, around the holy fire. The priest chants sacred mantras from holy texts and performs the wedding rituals.

Kanyadaan -  In the Kanyadaan ceremony, the father of the bride officially gives his daughter away to the groom. It’s an important ceremony of very high importance in Hindu weddings.


Vidaai - Vidaai is the ceremony when the bride after her marriage leaves with her husband to start a new life together. It’s rather a very emotional moment for the bride and her parent’s family. The bride throws rice and some coins backward toward her home as she moves out of the wedding venue. Parents of the bride 


One of the significant parts of a Himachali bridal look is her Nath (nose ring): all Himachali brides wear it with pride.The Himachali groom’s attire ranges from Sherwani to suits. He also wears a woolen Himachali cap, which makes him stand apart. 


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