Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

According to Indian wedding tradition, it’s the bride’s family who primarily organize the wedding ceremony, the reception might be an exception. Generally, the wedding reception is observed after the completion of the marriage ceremony or after some days. After marriage, the reception marks the first public appearance of the newly married couple together.

The reception is usually organized by the family of the groom and it is nothing short of a grand party. Friends and associates mainly from the groom’s side attend this party and offer their best wishes to the couple. From the bride’s side, only the close family members attend this party.

This is the occasion when the bride represents herself as an important member of her new family. The groom’s family arranges the reception ceremony to announce to the world that they have a new member in the family and they celebrate her arrival. Kind of an extension of the marriage celebrations. There is a lot of fun, enthusiasm, and of course, great food involved at a reception party.

What To Expect At An Indian Wedding Reception?

Reception parties are laid with sumptuous foods to treat the guests a little more. It is accompanied by music and dance to add to the gusto in the function. The reception does not include any customs or rituals and is a jovial party of acquainting the bride to the groom’s larger household. In fact, it is a lot more informal and 

After the reception, the couple usually sets off for their honeymoon. 

What Is The Significance Of The Wedding Reception In India?

It is also an arrangement to provide an opportunity for those who could not attend the wedding.  Nevertheless, hosting a reception party depends entirely on the whims and fancies of the groom’s side and is not deemed compulsory.

What is the wedding reception attire for the bride and groom?

After wearing all those elaborately adorned austere attires on the wedding day, the newlywed couple would surely like to wear comfortable and more casual clothes at their reception. They usually wear color-coordinated outfits. It could be anything from ethnic such as lehenga-choli and saree for the bride and kurta pajama for the groom to western styles such as a gown and a tuxedo. She also plays with different color choices for the outfit. The most traditional bridal dress a bride picks for her wedding reception is usually a lehenga choli or ghagra choli. Another traditional Indian wear that never goes out of Indian fashion is the Indian Saree/Sari. She may even go for a modern Indo-Western look.

Expect all the good fun, people, and lots of laughter and happiness in a Wedding reception party in India.

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