Civil marriage

Civil marriage

The trend of civil marriage or court marriage is gaining trend in India. Many couples prefer the simplicity of a quiet ceremony in a legal office without the hassle of an elaborate and expensive religious social wedding.

Indian weddings are popular for being an extravagant affair and of course many would love to get married in a grand and gala style. However, there are still many couples and families who sometimes prefer to skip those religious rituals and opt for a simple way of tying the knot by choosing a civil ceremony. 

A marriage ceremony is one of the most memorable moments of one’s life. And when we talk about weddings in India, marriage is considered a sacred institution where two souls unite for a lifetime.

A wedding in India is a very elaborate affair with a plethora of rituals and ceremonies that go on for days before, during, and after the wedding. Having said that, it may be observed differently by diverse people in different sects of the society but its sanctity and purpose are not diminished.

Court marriage is very different from a traditional marriage. So, let’s find out about the civil way of getting married in India.

How Is Civil Marriage Done In India?

Civil Marriage or Court Marriage in India is simple and does not require any rituals and ceremonies to solemnize the marriage. A court marriage requires that it should satisfy the rules and regulations of the Special Marriage Act, 1954. In India, court marriage can be solemnized between a man and a woman who are above the age of 21 and 18 respectively. The couple must also apply well in advance for the ceremony, usually a month in advance. 

The presence of a marriage officer and three witnesses are required for legally getting married in a court. Upon the completion of the couple are given a marriage certificate stating that their union is legal in the court of law.

The Importance Of Astrology In Indian Weddings

Although there is no requirement of performing any ritual when doing a court marriage, many Indian couples still prefer consulting an astrologer to know the right date or day to get married. Yes, even if it is for a civil marriage so that the couple can select their marriage slot carefully.

Indians highly value the role of an astrologer at weddings  especially when it’s an arranged marriage. Families who may agree to their children getting married in a court may still want to consult a wedding astrologer to match the kundali charts (astrological charts) of the bride and groom before they get officially married to foretell how compatible the match is. In case if the match has low points then the astrologer may suggest some remedies to balance those gaps.

A civil marriage can be the perfect alternative of a religious marriage where both the partners want to enter into holy matrimony in the absence of any pomp and extravagance.

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