The Sun

The Sun

The Sun tarot card is the nineteenth card of the Major Arcana and is the card of the zodiac sign, Leo. Just as a Leo draws attention to himself in a crowd because of his magnetic personality, so does the closest star to Earth. Considered to be the best card in the Major Arcana, The Sun is about prosperity in all aspects of life.


The Sun Tarot represents abundance, optimism, happiness, health, youthfulness, positive thoughts, love, energy, vitality, manifestation.


In the Rider Waite deck, The Sun Tarot shows a young, naked(implying innocence) boy(‘son of the sun’) sitting happily on a white/grey horse(represents movement, progress and direction) that has no saddle(indicating that correct direction can be given by will and positive thinking alone). The boy wears a crown made of flowers(indicating life) and a red feather(represents truth and justice). He holds a huge red banner(signifies celebration and victory) with his left hand.
Behind the boy is a wall on which we can see sunflowers(traditional flower for fame and fortune) in full bloom.
Above him, a huge, yellow sun shines with almost a benevolent smile, urging the ‘child’ within you to come out and play.


When The Sun comes up in a general reading it brings happy tidings with it. Everything is going as per your wish now as the dark times are over. This is the time to feel confident and be more creative. Unleash that originality and artistry within you. Experience joy and celebrate the light coming into your life.
You will have excellent physical and mental health and will be blessed with a positive attitude. Don’t miss this chance of taking control of the circumstances in your life and making the best of them.
The card can also indicate a person entering your life who will help you see things more clearly.

The Sun Tarot card meaning changes when the card comes reversed. It suggests a dip in your natural confidence and self-esteem. You adopt a negative and pessimistic attitude and doubt every little thing.

In a business reading

When The Sun comes up in a business reading, it is indicative of the fact that the business will flourish under your able guidance. Those in a paid job will see their career taking off with fantastic result. You are clear about your goal and with the effort you put in, are able to achieve it.
You may even serve as an inspiration for others and help them perform to the best of their abilities.
A lovely card to appear if you are thinking of making some investment or starting a new business venture.

In relationships

When The Sun comes up in a relationship reading you feel safe, nurtured and loved. You share a beautiful rapport with your loved one and feel no restriction while expressing your innermost. The sun’s bright light enables you to understand and ‘see’ each other clearly, making you ‘transparent’ to each other. Relationships work best like this.
If there are cards like the 3 of Cups, 9 of Pentacles, The Empress or Pages, around this card, it could also indicate the addition of a child.

And when The Sun comes up for singles, it suggests that this is a great time to socialise as you will attract your soul mate with your radiance.

In Health

In a health reading when The Sun comes up, it suggests vitality and good pyscho-physical conditions. At the same time it cautions you to keep yourself hydrated, if you spend too much time exposed to the sun. You can suffer from mild health risks like sunburn, fever to serious ones like dehydration or even skin cancers.

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