The Justice

The Justice

The Justice Tarot card is the eleventh card of the Major Arcana and is related to the sign of Libra. Represented by the scales, both Libra and the Justice card suggest the need for balance and harmony. This is one tarot card where we actually see the symbol of the zodiac it represents. The judge, seated between the two pillars (representing the intuitive number 11) radiates the charming Libran energy. She maintains equilibrium with the help of her intuition, and, through the scales of karma in her left hand.


The Justice Tarot card represents justice, fairness, legal proceedings, courts, balance, and, mediation.


In the Rider Waite deck, the Justice Tarot shows a lady in a red robe, sitting on a chair. She holds scales in her left hand and a two-edged sword in her right hand. The scales represent how intuition should balance logic. The sword symbolises the precision needed to make clear judgments. She wears a square crown which represents clarity of thought. Behind her is a purple cloak and the tip of her white (represents spirituality) shoe can be seen under her robe.


The Justice is a card of logic. It operates on the Law of Attraction - If you think positive, you will get positive results. This is a powerful card and the person drawing it needs to have strength and courage to tackle life’s problems. The card explains the law of Karma- “what goes around, comes around”.

When this card is drawn in a reading, it suggests that if you have been good, but ended up being a victim, you will get justice. But if you have been unjust, it is time to change your ways. In neutral cases, it may be just reminding you to keep a balance in your life.

The card could also represent a person who is honest and fair-minded.

The Justice Tarot card’s meaning changes when the card comes reversed. It may indicate that you are unwilling to understand and take responsibility for your own actions. Maybe someone has taken advantage of you and that, unfortunately, cannot be changed now.

In a Business Reading

When the Justice card comes up in a career reading and you are not satisfied with your job, you need to take out a moment to think why you are in this state. Maybe it was your past actions/decisions that have led to this state. Maybe you are not putting in that extra effort at work. If on the other hand, you have put your best foot forward, then, drawing this card is suggestive of good news coming in. You will reap what you sowed.

The card can also mean that perhaps the division of labour and responsibility in your work area is not balanced and needs attention.

When there are positive cards around the Justice card, it may also mean that any legal matter involving money or property in your business will get decided in your favour.

In Relationships

If you are already in a healthy and positive relationship, there is a strong possibility that the relationship will be taken to the next level and you will either be moving together or planning to tie the knot soon. But if you are not serious and are in the relationship just for fun, the results will be negative.

Sometimes it suggests that a more equitable arrangement may be required between the two for the relationship to be healthy. Maybe one of you is leaning too heavily on the other emotionally or financially. Fair play, honesty and consideration form the essential basis of any relationship. Adjust your behaviour to create balance in the relationship.

In Health

In a health reading when Justice comes up, you have to work on your health to keep your body fit. Ignoring the demands of your body will not give you good results. You need to balance your mind with the physical state too. Your surroundings may impact your health too. Maintain a balance between activity and inactivity, without going overboard about it.

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