The Star

The Star

The Star tarot card is the seventeenth card of the Major Arcana and is a card of Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus. The woman on the card represents emotion and stability just as Aquarius, the only zodiacal sign which is represented by two astrological elements, water(emotions) and air(intellect). Aquarius is considered to be the humanitarian of the zodiac, similar to the woman who is providing nourishment for mankind while restoring hope for the future. This is a very positive card in the Major Arcana as it is a green signal for success coming your way.


The Star Tarot represents peace of mind, balance and plenty, dreams coming true, inspiration, miracles, healing, optimism, unconditional self love.


In the Rider Waite deck, The Star Tarot shows a graceful, naked woman half kneeling at the edge of a pond in a paradise-like place. She looks at ease, serene and focused as she pours water from two containers held in her hands. Her right foot rests above the water and she kneels on her left knee. The foot on water symbolises intuition and the one on land, symbolises stability. The water that she pours from her left hand, flows over green fertile land, some of it returning to the pond. Just above her is a huge golden star with 8 points(represents hope) and around it are 7 smaller stars(representing the seven chakras/seven visible planets).
Behind the woman is a tree, on which is perched an Ibis bird(represents wisdom).
The card has a lot of blue, which pertains to emotions.


When The Star comes up in a general reading, it depicts peace after a storm. The danger has passed and your life will start falling back into place because you had hope. You have inner strength( Numerologically ,1+7=8, which is the Strength card) along with a playful attitude. It reminds us that some of life’s greatest joys are to be found in simple things.

The Star Tarot card meaning changes when the card comes reversed. It suggests that you have not yet got over the turmoil in your life and have no hope or faith that things will work out for you.
Sometimes it suggests that you are not sure of your gifts and talents and doubt your abilities to achieve anything.

In a business reading

When The Star comes up in a business reading, it signifies that you will no longer be struggling in your career or business and work will be more peaceful. There will be improvement in financial situation and your wishes will now be fulfilled.
Those in a salaried position will shine like a ‘star’ at the work place and will attract accolades. This is the time to work hard and fulfil your dreams. Success is just around the corner and when you show perseverance, will you will overcome obstacles easily.
Those on the look out for new work will find a rewarding and fulfilling one.

In relationships

When The Star comes up in a relationship reading, it suggests there is love, joy and new hope. Both the partners are together for the right reason, being connected at a deep level and moving forward with each others support.
Sometimes The Star suggests that you need to work on your relationship and things will start getting better.

And when The Star comes up for singles, it suggest that love is on its way and for those who are hesitating to date; do go ahead.

In Health

In a health reading when The Star comes up, it suggests that it is a time of recovery after an illness. You may yet need some medications for full recovery but you will be inspired to look after yourself better.

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