The Death tarot card is the thirteenth card of the Major Arcana and is the card of Scorpio. Just as the zodiac sign, Scorpio, is all about deep and personal transformations, so is the Death card. It is one scary card to look at and gives the impression that physical death is around the corner. But it is far from that, and it is very rare that this card will suggest actual death of a person. The images on the card is only a metaphor and when you actually study the symbolism of Death, you realise how empowering this card is!

Death Card Represents

The Death Tarot represents endings, new beginnings, a complete severance with the past, sudden change,transformation.

Death Card Description

In the Rider Waite deck, the Death Tarot shows a skeleton riding on a white(stands for purity) horse. The skeleton is carrying a black banner which has the image of a white rose(symbolising life and beauty) on it. In the distance is seen two pillars, between which shines the sun of immortality. The sun(yellow) represents the dawning of new day, new ideas and new beginnings. The armour of the skeleton reminds us to focus on what is invincible and cannot be destroyed. The card is mostly black and white, which are opposites and represents positive and negative.

Death Card Meaning

When the Death card comes in a general reading, it reminds you to let go of the past in order to embrace new opportunities. The card is about transformation and symbolises release and rebirth. It is about a massive change, where something is coming to an end in its present form and better times are ahead.
Understandably, it is not easy to move into unknown territory and embrace new ideas, situations and people.
How people react to such changes, is depicted by the figures on the card-

  1. the kneeling lady who doesn’t want to look at Death,
  2. the king who has fallen down, accepting defeat, with his crown rolled off his head,
  3. the pleading priest begging Death to leave him alone, by using his faith to get a free pass,
  4. the little boy who is gazing in wonder at Death.

The Death Tarot card meaning changes when the card comes reversed. It suggests stagnation and delays or changes that are being blocked by someone or something. There may even be a change for the worse.
Apathy, loss or destruction can also be indicated.

Death Card In a Business Reading

When Death comes up in a business reading, it suggests not to resist any change coming your way. It may be time to let go of your job. Only if you allow the old to change, will you make place for something new and more beautiful to appear. Shed those outdated ideas that are hindering your growth.

Old investments or ways of handling money must change to make room for new growth. Only then will your finance improve/grow.

Death Card In Relationships

When the Death card appears in relationship readings, it does not necessarily mean the end of an ongoing relationship. Just a change in attitude can infuse new life in a staid relationship. But if the love was not going in the right direction, the card will suggest to let go and start afresh with someone else. Heal your wounds and look forward for a healthy relationship.

When Death comes up for singles, it suggests you need to change some old perspective of yours in order to attract love.

Death Card In Health Reading

In a health reading when Death comes up, it suggests that you may face health risks by giving in to temptations like over-eating, over-drinking, unsafe sex or drug abuse. Seek professional advice in order to quit bad habits. You could experience mental anguish like insomnia, nightmares, sorrow etc .

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