The Hierophant

The Hierophant

The Hierophant tarot card is the 5th Major Arcana card and is the masculine counterpart to The High Priestess. Number 5 is all about challenges, disruptions and struggles and The Hierophant indicates the struggle of the querent to meet the expectations of an organisation. Associated with the sign of Taurus, The Hierophant is about religious authority, the search for truth and about the one who points the way to salvation. Although named The Pope, he can also refer to a teacher or counsellor who will help in making the querent wise. The card is about the comfort found in tradition and sacred laws.


The Hierophant Tarot represents commitment, search for truth, spiritual wisdom, inner authority and responsibility, religious person, interpreter, orthodox and conventional, ceremonies.


In the Rider Waite deck, The Hierophant Tarot shows a male religious figure, dressed in priestly clothes, wearing a crown and sitting on a throne between two pillars of a sacred temple. He looks to be the gatekeeper through whom knowledge is transmitted. He holds a triple cross in his left hand and his right hand is raised in the form of a blessing. Before him, are two lesser priests who are being initialed into the church(since they are tonsured) so that they can take up their appointed roles. He wears a triple-tiered crown like the pope and the red robe signifies self awareness and will power.
The two pillars indicate balance and looking at the two sides of the same coin.
The crossed keys at the feet of The Hierophant represents access to secret knowledge.


The Hierophant suggests that you are expected to follow the rules and remain within boundaries created by society. You could be joining an organisation where you gain knowledge. It reminds you that growth is not possible if we limit our pursuits only to material satisfaction. If you are going through a difficult phase of your life and you draw The Hierophant, the universe is asking you to have faith in God to help you sort it out.

The Hierophant Tarot card meaning changes when the card comes reversed. It suggests that you are too dogmatic and challenging about your views.

In a business reading

The Hierophant coaxes you to seek solutions to your career from within, using the help of spirituality. Pay attention to higher truths rather than focussing on materialistic concerns. You should resist the urge to be narrow minded and think out of the box. Maybe the practical approach is not working for you.
You need to abide by the traditional rules and regulations in order to earn money.
For those in a paid jobs, you could be working in an organisation that has many rules and little room for rebellion.

In relationships

When The Hierophant comes up in love readings, it may suggest that you and your partner share an inspired goal or are devoted to a higher cause. The relationship that you share with him/her, brings out the best in you both as there will be clearly defined limits between you two. You prefer following the traditional methods of romancing, like candle-lit dinners, flowers and long romantic drives or walks.

The Hierophant can also indicate marriage, a commitment that provides love and security. It denotes two equal people who become successful when they are together… two are best friends as well as romantic partners.

In Health

In a health reading when The Hierophant comes up, it advices you to consult a doctor and not rely on unverified advice. If they refer you to a specialist, do not ignore as the universe is asking you to visit one. These professionals have the answer to your problem. If you have a choice between traditional and alternative medicine, choose the former. Look out for obesity and health problems that crop up with old age.

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