The Lovers

The Lovers

The Lovers tarot card is the sixth card of the Major Arcana and is a card of the zodiac sign of Gemini. Gemini is an Air sign and air is associated with communication which is very important for a healthy relationship between two people. This card of Gemini implies weighing the pros and cons; of personal values and ethical choices; and can represent facing a moral dilemma. The Lovers card is all about following your heart because that will lead you to the right path/choice.


The Lovers Tarot represents mutual commitment, partnership, relationship, love, sex, moral choices and values, Adam and Eve.


In the Rider Waite deck, The Lovers Tarot shows a naked man and a woman standing beside each other. They are being blessed with an angel of air(Raphael)-the element that governs Gemini, giving the card a sense of balance and harmony. Behind the man is the tree of life and behind the woman is the tree of knowledge(Of good and bad). While the man is looking passively at the woman, the woman is looking up at the archangel longingly, as if for an answer. The bright sun dominates the card, filling it with light, happiness and ecstasy.


When The Lovers card comes up in a reading, it suggests a time of harmony and balance in the realm of your personal relationship. Your inner and outer nature are functioning alongside each other. There is blending of two energies into a third magical force. The trust and unity you have with each other will help in giving confidence and strength to both.

Sometimes when this card comes up in a reading, you may need to make a careful choice between two possible options and take the best decision keeping the situation in mind.

The Lovers Tarot card meaning changes when the card comes reversed. It could point at an immature partnership, an emotional upheaval or an unwise decision. You may also face conflicting traits within yourself. There could be a break in communication, shaking the foundation of the relationship you are in.

In a business reading

When The Lovers comes up in a business reading, it coaxes you to follow a career that you enjoy. The card is also indicative of the fact that there may be a strong attraction between the partners.

For those in paid jobs, The Lovers caution you to be more cooperative and less selfish or competitive.

For entrepreneurs, it advises joint ventures and partnerships, rather than starting a business alone. For finances, you could take help from your spouse or lover. The card is suggestive of good fortune coming your way in cooperative endeavours.

In relationships

This is a beautiful card to receive in a relationship reading. It suggests that you have a compatible soul mate and you enjoy a harmonious, joyful union that brings out the best in you. For some, it may indicate that there is high sexual intimacy between you two and the relationship is based more on physical needs.

When The Lovers comes up for singles, it heralds the good news that you could be finding your soul mate very soon. Choose wisely from your heart. For those who are wondering how to take a friendship to the next level, The Lovers suggest that the platonic relationship you share, is about to move to a physical one.

In Health

In a health reading when The Lovers comes up, it could indicate one medical issue immediately following another. The good thing is when you sort out one of the health issues, the other will disappear too. Paired organs of the body may get affected, like lungs, kidneys, brain(two lobes - psychological problems, bipolar disorder etc ). While accepting advice from doctors, you may have to face contradictory views and it is upto you to be aware of whose to follow.

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