The Moon

The Moon

The Moon tarot card is the eighteenth card of the Major Arcana and is the card of the zodiacal water signs. The Moon card normally appears in readings when you are not certain about the path you want to take in life. It is a psychological card about intuitions and dreams and is thus associated with the Water Sign, Pisces.


The Moon Tarot represents self delusion, intuition, dreams, deceit, misunderstanding, women’s mysteries, seeing things through rose-tinted glasses, blockages, financial delays.


In the Rider Waite deck, The Moon Tarot shows an ‘annoyed’, bright yellow moon looking down at a dog and a wolf howling at it. The two animals represent the tamed and wild aspect of our mind. The moon has two faces suggesting that every matter has two sides of it. There are 18 drops of light(‘Yods') falling down from the moon suggesting the presence of the divine in the events unfolding.
There is a Crayfish crawling out of a pond depicted at the bottom of the card. The pond is your consciousness and the Crayfish represents the unfolding consciousness in its early stages.
In the distance, two grey pillars(represents gate into our inner worlds) can be seen, through which a path (representing inner self discovery) leads to the mountains beyond.
The card has a lot of blue in it signifying emotions and matters of the heart; about your secret inner self and your instinctive reactions.


When The Moon comes up in a general reading, it suggests misunderstandings, specially in communication and a need to clarify matters and clear the air.
Since moon is associated with the night and darkness, it points to our fears and anxieties which haunt us specially in the dark. The moon brings with it the promises of the unknown and when you are lost and are wandering aimlessly, it becomes all the more scary.
The card can point to a person with psychological and hidden issues, who may stir up your dark side, probe into your secrets or influence you at a deep level - things that you have kept hidden and never want to see the light of day.

The Moon Tarot card meaning changes when the card comes reversed. In this situation, the impression that you get about the circumstances around you could be less than clear and easily misinterpreted.

In a business reading

When The Moon comes up in a business reading it suggests that you may be facing some challenging times and you need to look at the darker parts of yourself to assess the situation. Perhaps you need to be more imaginative in your work. Do not make any sudden moves in your career now as a situation may be in transition.
The Moon also is suggestive of the fact that maybe you have some illusions about your work and you need to be more realistic about your capabilities.
Financially, stay away from dealings that have some hidden agendas and questionable investments.

In relationships

When The Moon comes up in a relationship reading it can suggest a deep, idealistic connection between the two partners that other people may not be able to relate to. Sometimes it also tells you that your partner is not being honest with you. Trust your intuition when this happens but do get some evidence before throwing in the towel. At other times The Moon is also indicative of a very volatile relationship with many emotional highs and lows.

And when The Moon comes up for singles, ask yourself first if you are capable of loving at this time and ready for a commitment.

In Health

In a health reading when The Moon comes up, it is suggestive of psychological issues that could effect your physical health. You could get mentally upset and suffer from mood swings, insomnia, depression and even hallucination. Physical ailments need repeated diagnosis as there could be some hidden or unknown factors which may go unnoticed.

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