The Strength tarot card is the eighth card of the Major Arcana and is a card of Leo. In some decks, it is the eleventh card. It speaks of attaining integrity of body, mind and soul with spiritual insight, courage and with the conquering your own ‘inner beasts’. The card is all about individually winning over a much powerful opponent with no weapon except your own fortitude and determination. A Leo; while being confident and ambitious; is also generous , warm-hearted and loving, which is what the card advocates to get your way in a situation.


The Strength Tarot represents strength of will, passion, empathy, gentleness, trust, cooperation, success and endeavour. It is the strength of feminine energy and overcoming obstacles.


In the Rider Waite deck, the Strength Tarot shows a woman clasping a lion’s jaws. She looks calm and seems to handle the lion like one would, a tame animal. A mutual trust and respect is seen between the two in the image. The lion symbolises raw passions and desires, which the woman has been able to tame through her inner strength and resilience. The woman has the symbol of infinity on her head which symbolises infinite potential, wisdom and good fortune. She wears a white robe, indicating purity of spirit.
There is a lot of yellow in the card, which is the colour of the fire sign, Leo.


When the Strength card comes up in a general reading, it suggests a victory after a struggle. It advises you to approach people from a soft angle. To get better result, you need to use tact, more understanding, being friendly rather than by being aggressive. Try and see things from others point of view too and using your intellect, create a situation/atmosphere where everyone is happy with the outcome. Using any kind of force at this time will not give you any desired result. Use your inner strength to overcome any challenges. If you have recently gone through a rough patch, the Strength card tells you to tap your inner strength and keep going.

The Strength Tarot card meaning changes when the card comes reversed. It points to abuse of power or suffering failure and disgrace. You may either be over confident or feeling vulnerable with lack of self-confidence. You may be acting without thinking and the emotions may all be raw at the moment.

In a business reading

In a business reading, when the Strength card comes up it asks you to stop relying on others and take the matters in your own hands. Remember that you yourself have the inner resources to become financially successful. Also, those who are being victimised, need to awaken and step into their true power. You have that lion energy inside you. Use it to your advantage. Overcome your weakness. But remember not to let your pride or ego or aggression surface.

In relationships

Strength is a positive card to get in relationships that are already in progress. When facing some problem with your loved one, it suggests that you overcome your ego, doubts and fears in order to have a happy and harmonious relationship. For those who are single, it suggests that you don't go overboard looking for a partner. Control your feelings and you will meet someone who will recognise your inner strength and be appreciative of it.

In Health

In a health reading when Strength comes up, you will have the will power to tackle any bad habits you may have adopted regarding your health. Now is the time you can break any addiction and achieve anything related to your health. Take advantage of this period before your motivation slips. You normally are blessed with a good constitution and vitality. Add more physical exercises to your daily routine without overdoing it. You have the will power to do it now.

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