The Hermit

The Hermit

The Hermit tarot card is the ninth card of the Major Arcana and is the tarot card of Virgo. Just as a Viirgo aims for perfection, so is The Hermit focusing on his mission of inward reflection. An Earth Sign, Virgo’s and Hermits seek contact with the divine through the renunciation of earthly pleasures. The Hermit is many times considered to be The Magician who has grown old. The ruler of Virgo, Mercury, is also linked to The Magician card. The Hermit has understood that reason and technical know-how is not enough for spiritual understanding and he now seeks an inner path to spiritual enlightenment.


The Hermit Tarot represents reflection, wisdom and prudence, solitude, soul searching, consideration and inaction.


In the Rider Waite deck, The Hermit Tarot shows an old man, wearing a long, dreary grey cloak and standing all alone on the peak of a mountain. He is looking down into the space below. In one hand, he holds a lantern and in the other, a staff. Inside the lantern, shines a star with six points(Seal of Solomon), representing wisdom, while the staff depicts authority and power.


When The Hermit comes up in a general reading, you need to take some time out for yourself, remove yourself from your problems, look at them objectively and weigh different solutions. It is time to seek the light of inner wisdom to guide you correctly. The answer may not come to you immediately, but be assured it will come to you eventually. Go away from the clutter and clamour of everyday life and meditate to discover ways of careful deliberation, self-knowledge and prudence in thought and deed. What you learn will light your world like the lantern, when you return.

The Hermit Tarot card meaning changes when the card comes reversed. Instead of finding enlightenment in solitude, seclusion may lead to being trapped all alone in an unreal world out of which you may not want to step out. It can also mean lies, misguided ideals or misinformation.

In a business reading

When The Hermit comes up in a career reading, it could imply that you feel unsupported and alone in your work environment. Maybe, it is time to start something on your own or do free-lancing. Working for a company or organisation may not be your cup of tea. You need to discover how best to develop yourself and what really matters to you. Withdrawing at this time and connecting with your own self, will give you the insight you need.

Where finance is concerned, maybe you need to let go of your attachment to some financial issue. Withdrawal from the material world is important now so that you can focus on your inner life or spiritual path.

In relationships

When The Hermit comes up in a relationship reading, it could imply that you could be feeling alone and unsupported. You may feel that you are taking all responsibility of sorting out any problems that arise in the relationship. You may not feel up to socialising or even being with your partner. You need to introspect about how you got into this space. Stop relying on others for your happiness or for an answer to your question.

When The Hermit comes up for singles, this is the time for you to get spiritual. You need some solitude to peep inside your own self to discover more about you and how to be a good partner. Remember, this is not a negative card, but simply implies that you need some ‘me’ time.

In Health

In a health reading when The Hermit comes up, you need some time alone in nature, to meditate and put your mind to rest. You could be feeling drained after too much work(mental exhaustion) and find yourself rather melancholic. You may be losing weight and turning into a hypochondriac, feeling older than you actually are.
Those experiencing some form of body ache should turn to the traditional form of medication for relief.

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