The Chariot

The Chariot

The Chariot tarot card is the seventh major Arcana card and is the card of the zodiac sign Cancer. Cancer is associated with beginnings and moving forward, so The Chariot represents fresh starts and forward movement. Just as a Cancer is steadfast, so is the Charioteer, quietly contemplating his next move. Cancer is ruled by the moon and The Charioteer has two moons on his shoulders.
One of the most complicated cards to describe, The Chariot tells about how the fusion of opposites can be done to one’s advantage and how mastery over external forces is possible.


The Chariot Tarot represents success, focus, dedication, duty, self-control, the mystery of opposites, strength, empowerment, energy of movement and change, and, travel.


In the Rider Waite deck, The Chariot Tarot shows a well-dressed charioteer sitting on his chariot which is pulled by two black and white Sphinxes, Yin and Yang. The Sphinxes are facing in two different directions. A notable part of the charioteer is that he is controlling the chariot without reins. This is suggestive of the fact that you can concentrate and use the power of your mind, especially while dealing with opposing forces, to get where you want to go. The Charioteer wears a crown with 6 stars that connect him with the divine.
The castle in the background suggests stability and that the Charioteer is confident of his roots.
The prominent colours in the card are yellow and blue - yellow is the colour of the sun and of internal power while blue suggests logic and communication. It is thus, a card of balance.


The Chariot is all about the onward journey and no turning back. It advocates, leaving your past behind. You need not take the journey alone, but before you encourage a partner to join you, make sure you both share the same goals. Also decide, whether you want to take the reins in your hands or just go along for the ride with your partner. The road ahead could be rough and the ride could be bumpy. Don’t allow frustrating dead ends and disappointments to dishearten you. The Chariot possesses raw energy and strong power and will get you to your destination.

The Chariot Tarot card meaning changes when the card comes reversed. You need to look where you are headed and not just move forward without any purpose or direction. Look twice at any financial dealings and resist the tendency to push ”too far, too fast”.

In a Business Reading

When The Chariot comes up in a business reading, it suggests that you should rein in your ambition and impatience and not try to push things prematurely. Take your time to hone your skills and work on your emotions and fears. And, don’t give up under pressure.

The Chariot signifies that your finances are good and you are saving and investing well. Since it is a card of journeys and beginnings, you have enough in your savings to go on that trip.

In Relationships

When The Chariot comes up in a relationship reading, it suggests that there may be painful emotions that are hindering you from opening up completely with your partner. To have a successful relationship, you first need to reconcile with the opposing forces working in your mind. If you feel that the relationship is not working for you, be upfront about it.

But when The Chariot comes up for singles, it advises you not to give up on love. It may not be the right time for a relationship now, as you may need time to reconcile to the opposing and contradictory forces that may be influencing you. You need to spend some time first, in developing yourself.

In Health

In a health reading when The Chariot comes up, it warns you of impending accidents, most likely involving vehicles of some kind or while working with machines. Your physical constitution is good but you can face fatigue due to overwork as you may take on more than you can endure.

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