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Tarot Prasiddha

Tarot Prasiddha



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About Me

Tarot Prasiddha is a certified Tarot Reader and Reiki Grandmaster. Prasiddha’s
work is inspired by her own transformative journey of self-love and self-discovery
through various energy healing modalities including Reiki, Crystal Therapy,
Switchwords, Energy Circles, Runes, and Tarot. As a Clairvoyant, Prasiddha
possesses the unique ability to see beyond the physical realm, providing her clients
with deeper insights and clarity. This gift enhances her Tarot readings, allowing her
to offer profound guidance and uncover hidden truths that help clients navigate their
life paths more effectively.
As an Energy Healer, Prasiddha's primary focus is to give back to the universe the
abundance she has received, for which she feels immense gratitude. The trust her
clients place in her, allowing her to be a part of their personal and professional
growth, humbles and inspires her. She works with clients globally, and has a
profound impact on her clients by fostering significant positive changes in their lives.
Her intuitive Tarot readings are enriched with astrology, crystal therapy, switchwords
and colour therapy, providing a holistic and personalised experience. Clients often
report feeling more balanced, empowered, and enlightened after their sessions,
attributing their newfound clarity and well-being to her guidance and expertise. Her
dedication to her clients and her work makes her a trusted and revered practitioner in
the field of energy healing.


D J...
Fri, 12 Jul,2024
Thank you for being so wonderful and giving me the strength I need. Thank you for your patience and readings ! . Always on point !
K M...
Fri, 12 Jul,2024
Always by the side, be it emotionally, mentally, spiritually, she will always show up. Every reading and all the sessions are completely personal and with so much compassion. All the conversations with her feels like a long,warm, healing hug. 🩷
S B...
Fri, 12 Jul,2024
will surely call you back ma'am, thanks for the clarity
M D...
Fri, 12 Jul,2024
Her past reading came true for me and I have full trust on Ma'am, I believe She is my angel guide.
I S...
Wed, 10 Jul,2024
Prasiddha is a magician who has been there with me through all those times when I have felt lost, anxious or unsure. Her accuracy in predications is as amazing as it can get, and things have been working for me just as she says. She is God's blessed child who is here to heal others and spread her divine healing magic.