Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli (Royal Challengers Bangalore)

A fan favourite in all formats of Cricket, there is no exception for Virat Kohli’s craze in IPL as well. The skipper of Royal Challengers Bangalore has always put on a great show for the audience with his bat. Kohli joined the RCB in 2008, the maiden tournament of the franchise. With a slow start, Kohli managed to make only a total of 165 runs in the 12 innings he played. His performance kept increasing with every passing season and in the 2010 season Kohli became the third highest run scorer for his team. He was the only player retained by RCB in the 2011 season. Kohli was the second-highest run-getter of the season and his team finished as runners-up of the IPL. Kohli was appointed as the captain of RCB in the 2013 season. Unfortunately, his team finished fifth in the tournament but Kohli found his grip and went out to have a tremendous season. RCB saw the best season of their IPL participation in 2016 where the Royal Challengers finished runners-up and Kohli broke the record for most runs in an IPL season by scoring 973 runs in 16 matches. In the 2018 season, Kohli was retained by RCB for a price of ₹17 crore, the highest for any player that year for the upcoming 2019 season of IPL.

An overview of his overall performance in the past seasons of IPL:

  • Kohli scored four centuries in the 2016 tournament
  • Kohli became the first player to reach the 4000-run milestone in the IPL.
  • He won the Orange Cap for this season.
  • Kohli declared that he will be a permanent member of the RCB at the launch of his biography ‘ Driven: The Virat Kohli Story’.

Astrological aspects governing the stars of Virat Kohli
According to the predictions made by our astrologers at Astroyogi, the astrological chart of Kohli is:
  • Sun Sign – Scorpio
  • Name Sign – Taurus
  • Ruling number – 2
  • Lucky Number – 5
  • IPL Opening Match – 23 rd March, 2019
  • Place – Chennai
  • Time – 8 pm

Kohli was born on November 5 th , 1988 in the national capital, Delhi. He is 31 at the moment.
Based on his date of birth his sun sign is Scorpio. IPL is commencing on 23 rd March, 2019. Local time suggests that IPL begins in Libra ascendant. Kohli’s ruling planet according to his sun sign is Mars, and Marcians are known to be super aggressive, hardworking and ready to take any step for the win and all of this is clearly visible in Kohli’ persona. Mars will guide Kohli to a tremendous season with an overall great performance by the skipper and his team.
Based on his name, the name sign for Virat Kohli becomes Taurus which has the presence of Mars, indicating fortunate times for the Indian Captain.
If numerology is taken into consideration then the number associated with Chikku’s is 2 which is the number of Moon and his lucky number is 5 which is ruled by Venus. While Moon is with Libra, the ascendant at the beginning of IPL, Venus sits in the 5 th house along with Mercury, all of which works in favour of Virat and his team for the 12 th season of IPL.
Here is the astrological analysis for today’s match from our eminent astrologer at Astroyogi:

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