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Virat Kohli

Although the Royal Challengers Bangalore team has not been able to win any title in the IPL so far, it has reached it three times. Every time the team continues to be the reason for discussion. Whether it performs well or poorly because the command of this team is in the hands of Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. Famous as the Run Machine, Kohli has registered his name as the highest run-scorer in the IPL. He has played 177 matches in his IPL career, scoring 5412 runs, scoring 5 centuries and 36 half-centuries. Now it has to be seen whether Kohli's bat plays in the 13th season of IPL or not? What does the sun sign of the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore say? Let's know

Virat Kohli Horoscope 


Name -

Virat Kohli


Date of birth -

5 November1988


Sun Sign -



Name Rashi -






Bhagyank -



IPL 2020 Opening -

19 September2020


Place -



Time -

5:30 pm


Virat Kohli's name sign is Taurus and the Sun sign is Scorpio. 2020 will be a good time for Taurus and Scorpio zodiac signs. The factor of sports Mars is sitting high in happiness on that day and his eyesight is on the game which is considered very auspicious. Libra ascendant is being formed on 29 March 2020, which comes in the stable ascendant. Mars sitting high in the stable ascendant will be the opening of the Indian Premier League 2020 for Virat with auspiciousness.

According to the name sign, Virat Kohli's sign is Taurus. September 19, 2020, is going to be an auspicious day for the people of Taurus. In such a situation, due to Virat's name sign being Taurus, his chances of starting the IPL are also good from here. Since Venus, the lord of the zodiac will remain in its own house on that day, at such a time it will become a yogic planet with the Moon. This is making a good beginning for him. He will be full of excitement and enthusiasm in the mind on that day.

According to the date of birth, the radix of Virat is becoming 2 and Bhagyank 5. According to numerology, the natives of Radix 2 are leading and successful in the field of sports. If they work hard then success kisses their steps. The effect of which is seen in the game of Virat. Virat Kohli is called the run machine which proves this right. Bhagyank 5 is considered to be Mercury's number. The effect of which will be seen on Virat's conscience. Using intelligence from time to time will help Virat to overcome even odd situations. Virat will have to put more emphasis on implementing the plan. If seen, for Virat Kohli, this Indian Premier League 2020 as a captain will give mixed results.

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