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KL Rahul

In the 13th season of IPL, Kings XI Punjab reins will be held by KL Rahul. KL Rahul performed exceptionally well in the 2019 IPL, he has been playing the role of a wicketkeeper-batsman for Kings XI Punjab since 2018. Before this, he played for Royal Challengers Bangalore from 2013 to 2017. KL Rahul is counted among the top 5 batsmen in terms of runs scored. He was the player to score the fastest fifty in the year 2018. In 2018, he scored 659 runs in his 14 innings while in 2019 he scored 593 runs in 14 innings. In the 13th season of the IPL, he will definitely take the field with lofty intentions. We are yet to find out whether KL Rahul's luck will be fruitful for Kings XI Punjab or not?

KL Rahul Horoscope



Name -

KL Rahul


Date of birth-

18 April 1992


Sun Sign -



Name sign -



Radix -



Bhagyank -



IPL 2020 Opening -

19 September 2020


Place -



Time -

6 pm / 7.30 pm Indian time

KL Rahul's Sun sign is Aries, which is governed by planet Mars. Currently, it is sitting in the house of luck. Being a lord of might, it elevates the energy inside Rahul to showcase his talent. Planet Sun sitting high in the horoscope becomes a propeller to guide him for big decisions related to the game. Jupiter's placement in context to Mars makes him an efficient team leader. But planet Mercury sitting in the tenth is in the lower state. Due to which lack of support and intellect can make him face some sort of failure. On the other hand, forming the Raja Yoga of Venus, which will turn the table and bring back the rhythm of exceptional performance after a few matches. He will continue to get support for everything whether it is leadership or energy. He will emerge as a captain and will possess the skill to win the match based on his strength. 

As per the name, KL Rahul's name sign is Libra. It is owned by planet Venus. Venus is creating a good time for him. The lord of the triangle is seated in the centre which is considered auspicious. The lord of might also sits high in his birth chart. The planet moon will go out of the way to keep you enthusiastic and mindful. Ketu falling in the ascendant may cause trouble for KL Rahul if he does not agree on some decisions with the team and is fickle minded.

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