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Purple Cap

Over time the IPL has become very popular across nations. For 12 consecutive seasons, players have got a chance to show their skills as well as create an edge in it. There are many players who got an opportunity to play in the Indian team because of their best performances in the IPL. With regard to every season of the IPL, there are speculations about the competition between the teams that such and such team will dominate, or this time this firm will win the IPL. Similarly, the mutual battle of the players and the adrenaline rush is also seen on the field. Be it, batsman or bowlers, there is a competition to overtake each other. Talking about the batsmen, we told about the potential players of Orange Cap, now we will talk about the bowlers.

Just as batsmen score more and more runs for the Orange Cap in batting, the bowlers also want to take as many wickets so that the IPL Purple Cap remains on their head along with the victory of the team. Let's know about the Purple Cap.

What is a Purple Cap?

Just as a batsman who has the highest score in a batting season has an orange cap on his head, similarly, the IPL Purple Cap is worn as an honour for the player to perform better in bowling.

Purple Cap Holders so Far

There have been 12 seasons of the Indian Premier League from 2008 to 2019. A Pakistani bowler, Sohail Tanvir, was first fortunate to wear a purple cap. However, after this IPL, the incident took place on 26 November, which resulted in Pakistani players being banned from playing in the IPL. Sohail Tanvir took 22 wickets in that season. Dwayne Bravo is the highest (32) wicket-taker in any one season of the IPL, and not only did he become the first player to wear the Purple Cap twice, but he also got this cap in 2013 and 15. Another swing bowler who holds the Purple Cap twice in a row is Bhuvneshwar Kumar. He retained this cap in 2016 and 17. At the same time last season, Imran Tahir won the Purple Cap of IPL 2019 by taking 26 wickets.

The List of Purple Cap Holders in all Seasons of IPL is as follows: -

IPL 2008 - Sohail Tanwari, 22 wickets

IPL 2009 - RP Singh, 23 wickets

IPL 2010 - Pragyan Ojha, 21 wickets

IPL 2011 - Lasith Maling, 28 wickets

IPL 2012 - Morne Morkel, 25 wickets

IPL 2013 - Dwayne Bravo, 32 wickets

IPL 2014 - Mohit Sharma, 23 wickets

IPL 2015 - Dwayne Bravo, 26 wickets

IPL 2016 - Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 23 wickets

IPL 2017 - Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 26 wickets

IPL 2018 - Andrew Tye, 24 wickets

IPL 2019 - Imran Tahir, 26 wickets 

In the 13th season of IPL, will Emraan Tahir be seen wearing the Purple Cap? The thing to be seen is whether he will be able to retain it or will any other bowler be able to take this cap from them?

Who will get a Purple Cap in the 2020 Indian Premier League?

Who will get the Purple Cap in the 13th season of IPL? Which bowler will take the most wickets? What is the opinion of Astroyogi Astrologers? For this, we have made a general astrological assessment from each team based on their name and Sun sign taking the best bowlers in the 12th season of IPL. The Lagna Kundali is considered the basis for complete accuracy in Vedic astrology. Due to lack of accurate information about the time and place of some players, here we are analyzing according to their Sun sign and Name sign.

Strong contenders for Purple Cap in IPL 2020 according to astrology

Jaspreet Bumrah

Indian bowler Jasprit Bumrah, who was awarded the Best International Cricketer of the Year award by BCCI, will play for Mumbai Indians in IPL 2020 this time. So far Bumrah has played 77 matches for Mumbai in his IPL career and has taken 82 wickets. The bowler who fired a missile yorker in the death overs is also in the race to win the IPL Purple Cap in the 13th season of IPL. In such a situation, Astroyogi astrologers are giving their opinion about how much luck will accompany them along with their performance. Let's know. 

Team - Mumbai Indians

Name - Jaspreet Bumrah

Date of Birth - 06 December 1993

Sun sign - Sagittarius

Name - Capricorn

Bumrah was born to Aquarius and Leo ascendant. Being the master of Ascendant, you will work to increase self-confidence and confidence in them. That is, Bumrah will mislead many batsmen in IPL 2020 and show the way to the pavilion. The lord of the might (game) comes to the center and sits with the sun and is making the center triangle Raja Yoga for Jaspreet. The effect of which will be seen on their performance. In the Purple Cap race, Jasprit is in the first place for this reason.

Bhuvaneshwar Kumar

Indian team's fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar plays for Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL. He has taken 133 wickets in 117 matches so far in his IPL career. Also in the history of IPL, Bhuvneshwar Kumar has won the Purple Cap in the year 2016 and 2017. Apart from this, he is also the sixth highest bowler in the IPL. This time in IPL 2020, he is being considered as a strong contender for the Purple Cap.

Pat Cummins

Australia's fastest bowler Pat Cummins is the most expensive player in the IPL 2020 auction. He was bought by Kolkata Knight Riders for Rs 15.50 crore. Last season, he played for the Delhi Capitals. He has played 16 matches and taken 17 wickets in his IPL career. At the same time, everyone's eyes are on Pat. He is considered a strong contender for the Purple Cap in the IPL 2020. In such a situation, astrologers are telling their opinion about how much their stars will support with their hard work. Let's know.

Team - Kolkata Knight Riders

Name - Pat Cummins

Date of Birth - 08 May 1993

Sun sign - Taurus

Name zodiac sign

Pat Cummins is born in Cancer Ascendant and Scorpio. Mars being the zodiac sign of the Ascendant becomes a factor of energy. In such a situation it would be good for Pat Cummins. Energy is going to be full of confidence in them. Surya's sitting in a place of karma will be high and will take his game to a higher level. The lagna lord Moon's eclipse formation with Rahu will be troublesome for Pat on some occasions. Overall, Pat will be seen performing well in the Indian Premier League 2020 season.

Rashid Khan

Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan Armaan plays for Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL. He started playing IPL in 2017. He has played 46 matches and taken 55 wickets in his IPL career. Last season, Rashid Khan took 17 wickets in 15 matches. At the same time, the color of his Gedambaji can be seen in the 13th season as well, he is being considered a strong contender for the Purple Cap. In such a situation, astrologers are telling their opinion about how much their stars will support with their hard work. Let's know.

Team - Sunrisers Hyderabad

Name - Rashid Khan

Date of Birth - 20 September 1998

Sun sign - Virgo

Name Zodiac - Libra

Rashid Khan is born in Scorpio ascendant and Leo. The Lord of the Ascendant, coming to the destiny of Mars and looking at the game will act to bring continuity in his game. Lord of the spirit of the game, seeing Saturn's own house and the sight of the sun at that house is making auspicious results for Rashid. Which will give them a sharp edge and bowling. This time Rashid Khan will compete well for the Purple Cap.

Kagiso Rabada

South African Pacer Kagiso Rabada took 25 wickets in 12 matches for the Delhi Capitals last season. In the year 2019, he was very close to getting the Purple Cap but Imran Tahir took the Purple Cap by winning. This time it is not right to underestimate Rabada. Among all the heavyweights, Rabra is in the forefront of the Purple Cap race. In such a situation, astrologers are telling their opinion about how much their stars will support with their hard work. Let's know.

Team - Delhi Capitals

Name - Kagiso Rabada

Date of Birth - 25 May 1995

Sun sign - Gemini

Name sign - Gemini

Kagiso Rabada is born in Cancer Ascendant and Pisces. The transit of energy in the mind and the center of Mars along with the master of the lagna, the lord of the lagna, coming to the destiny place, makes Raja Yoga a bright career. In such a situation, Rabada will be seen doing well in this edition of IPL. Surya sitting with the lord of the game Bhavaditya Yoga will serve to brighten Rabada in this session. Overall Kagiso Rabada will stake his claim for the Purple Cap.

Andrew Tie

Andrew Tye is the highest wicket-taker in the 11th season of the IPL. Prior to this, in 2016 and 17 this cap was held by Bhuvneshwar Kumar. The Australian fast bowler took 39 wickets in 26 matches in the year 2019. At the same time, he took 24 wickets to win the Purple Cap title in 2018. This time in the 13th season too, he can once again win the Purple Cap on his own pace. In such a situation, astrologers are telling their opinion about how much their stars will support with their hard work. Let's know. 

Team - Kings XI Punjab

Name - Andrew Tye

Date of Birth - 12 December 1986

Sun sign - Sagittarius

Name Zodiac - Aries

Andrew Tye is born in Aquarius ascendant and Aries. Mars is sitting in the center of the zodiac sign, which will increase energy, confidence and self-confidence in the tie. Sitting of Sun and Mercury together in karma is considered good for the field. This will serve to refine Andrew Tye's game. Rahu - The coming of all the planets between Ketu is not appropriate for the tie. Andrew may also face troubles at the end of the season. But Tie will surely get his bowling iron in this tournament. 

The list is based on the performance of the bowlers in the 13th season of the Indian Premier League. This time in the IPL, these bowlers can definitely get a challenge from players like Trent Boult, Umesh Yadav, Hardik Pandya and Sunil Narne. Following is the opinion of Astroyogi Astrologer on how strong the IPL Purple Cap prospects are for the above bowlers in the 13th season of IPL.

On assessing all the potential players from the astrological point of view, according to the Sun and name sign, we can say that Andrew Tye's flame can remain intact but Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jaspree Bumrah can also challenge them. Rashid Khan is also getting luck, but for him, any other player from his team can become a challenge.

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