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Orange Cap

Who will be entitled to the Orange Cap in the 13th season of IPL? Whose bat will make maximum runs, who will outshine the others? Astroyogi Astrologers have taken a general astrologer assessment through their Vedic and numerology analysis to predict the leading batsman from each team. 

Well, the ascendant horoscope is considered the basis for complete accuracy in Vedic astrology, but due to lack of accurate information about the time and place of some players, here we are analyzing according to their sun sign and numerology.

According to astrology a strong contender for Orange Cap in IPL 2020

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli aka Chiku Bhaiya, known as Run Machine, once he takes off there is no way anything can stop his bat from moving. At times, even he does not know how much he might score. In 2016, the mountain of runs (973) he made, under the Orange Cap, will be changed in 2020 with the intention of creating a new history when he hits the floor this time. However, he missed the last season and managed to score 464 runs. Although the IPL trophy holds more importance than the Orange Cap for Kohli, it will be an icing on the cake, if he achieves personal achievement along with the team. In such a situation, how much will the stars of Run Machine Kohli support him in the 13th season of IPL? What is the opinion of Astroyogi Astrologer? Let's know

Team - Royal Challengers Bangalore

Name - Virat Kohli

Date of Birth - 05 November 1988

Sun sign - Scorpio

Name sign - Taurus

Virat Kohli will continue in the Orange Cap race in the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League. According to the name Zodiac and Sun sign, this season can be special for Virat Kohli. The high of Mars will increase Virat's calibre of scoring runs, but in extreme enthusiasm, Virat is likely to make mistakes. Due to which there may be some shortcomings in his performance.

Rohit Sharma

Whenever Rohit Sharma comes out to bat, people are desperate to watch the hit man's show. Rohit Sharma, who made Mumbai Indians a three-time IPL winner, can also be considered as a strong Orange Cap contender for the 13th season of IPL in 2020. Talking about overall performance in IPL, his name comes after Suresh Raina and Virat Kohli in terms of runs scored. How much are Rohit Sharma's stars supporting him for this season of IPL? What is the opinion of the astrologer? Let's know

Team - Mumbai Indians

Name - Rohit Sharma

Date of Birth - 30 April 1987

Sun sign - Taurus

Name Zodiac - Libra

Rohit's bid for the Orange Cap of the Indian Premier League 2020 is going to be strong. Rohit will perform well. They will be able to push the opposing team to the edge with their batting. But one more thing that needs to be noted here is that Rohit may not be seen doing well in the middle. This may be due to their Sun being weak and sitting in the sixth house.

David Warner

In the history of IPL so far, there has not been a consistent batsman like David Warner. David has worn an orange cap 3 times in the 12 seasons of the IPL. At the same time, Warner also scored the most runs in the 12th season of IPL. Australian batsman David Warner will play for the Sunrisers Hyderabad team this time in IPL 2020. David Warner is currently in form, he has scored fiercely in the T20 series against Sri Lanka and Pakistan. If his performance is seen, Warner will be a strong contender for the Orange Cap in the 13th season of IPL. In such a situation, how much are David Warner's stars supporting him in the 13th season of IPL? What is the opinion of Astroyogi Astrologer? Let's know

Team - Sunrisers Hyderabad

Name - David Warner

Date of Birth - 28 October 1986

Sun sign - Scorpio

Name sign - Leo

David Warner is born in Scorpio ascendant and Cancer zodiac. Scorpio Ascendant is the lord of Mars which is also considered to be the factor of the game. Sitting high in the game of Mars will work to improve Warner's performance. In this session of the IPL, he will be able to work with intelligence and a sharp mind. Which will improve his game? Seeing his sense of power and Saturn being the master of power, it will be a success indicator for him. Overall Warner can be seen performing well this season.

Shreyas Iyer

Recently, Mumbai's strong batsman Shreyas Iyer performed well in the 3-match ODI series against New Zealand by India. Iyer made the first ODI International century with a strike rate of around 100 with the help of 11 fours and 1 six in 101 balls. With this, Iyer has become a strong contender for number 4 in the Indian team. On the other hand, in IPL 2020, Shreyas Iyer has been made the captain of Delhi Capitals. Shreyas had scored 463 runs last season and was also involved in the Orange Cap race.

At the same time, given the excellent form of Shreyas Iyer this time, the same speculation is being made that he can become a strong contender for the Orange Cap in the 13th season of IPL. In such a situation how much Shreyas Iyer's stars are supporting him in the 13th season of IPL? What is the opinion of Astroyogi Astrologer? Let's know

Team - Delhi Capitals

Name - Shreyas Iyer

Date of Birth - 06 December 1994

Sun sign - Sagittarius

Name sign - Aquarius

Shreyas Iyer can also be considered a strong contender for the Orange Cap in this IPL. Since planet Sun has become yogic in the tenth place, this makes him a strong contender for energy and victory. Mercury's conjunction is likely to be auspicious. Therefore, in the 13th season of this IPL, he can also be considered as a strong contender for the Orange Cap.

David Miller

South African team player David Andrew Miller is an explosive batsman. He is the former captain of Kings XI Punjab in the IPL. Miller has always done well in the IPL. He has been playing the IPL since 2012 for Kings XI Punjab and has scored 1850 runs in 79 matches at a strike rate of 138.78. Last season, he scored 213 runs in 10 matches. At the same time, in season 13, Miller can show wonders with his bat. So how much will David Miller's stars support him in IPL 2020? What is the opinion of Astroyogi Astrologer? Let's know

Team - Rajasthan Royals

Name - David Miller

Date of Birth - 10 June 1989

Sun sign - Gemini

Name sign - Leo

In the Indian Premier League 2020, Killer Miller ie David Miller will also be claimed. David Miller is the native of Leo Ascendant and Leo. Leo Ascendant people are fast-moving and achievers. Sitting in the tenth house ie Sun will work to increase energy and self-confidence inside Miller. The lord might also create a yoga showing that he will play the game according to his mind. Overall, David Miller will once again be called the Killer Miller courtesy his performance.


Tom Banton

England team's explosive opener and wicket-keeper batsman Tom Banton is going to start his IPL career with Kolkata Knight Riders this time in the IPL. Banton has scored 663 runs in 21 matches in his T20 career so far. Apart from this, given his outstanding performance, he can be considered a strong contender for the orange cap in IPL 2020 and he can also play the role of opener batsman from KKR. In such a situation, how much the stars of newcomer Tom Banton are supporting him in the 

IPL 2020? What is the opinion of Astroyogi Astrologer? Let's know

Team - Kolkata Knight Riders

Name - Tom Banton

Date of Birth - 11 November 1998

Sun sign - Scorpio

Name Zodiac - Libra

Tom Banton is born in Sagittarius ascendant and Leo. Due to Rahu's sight on the Lord of the Ascendant, there will be a lack of confidence in him. In many important matches, he might be seen doing nothing special for his team. There will also be nervousness and fear in the mind, due to being born in Leo, the energy level will be good, which will affect his performance. Saturn, the lord of the might (game) spirit, is also sitting in not so good place in his birth chart, unfortunately, will not drop important matches in his cradle. He will score runs but only for himself.

AB de Villiers

The best batsman of the current generation who has several batting records is named AB De Mergers. Former South African captain AB De Villiers also holds the record for fastest 150 runs in ODIs. Although De Mergers has retired from international cricket, you will see him in IPL season 13. Last season, Mr. 360 ° completed 4 thousand runs in the IPL. This time too, the D-Mueller is ready to run with the bat and is considered to be a strong contender for the Orange Cap. In this case, how much are the stars of AB De Villiers supporting him in the IPL 2020? What is the opinion of Astroyogi Astrologer? Let's know

Team - Royal Challengers Bangalore

Name - AB de Villiers

Date of Birth - 11 November 1998

Sun sign - Aquarius

Name sign - Leo

Mr AB de Villiers is born in Aries Ascendant and Leo. The Aries ascendant continues to move forward in his game and keeps the energy flowing within him. Due to the sight of the sun at the place of power, there will be confidence and enthusiasm. This will benefit AB de Villiers in the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League. With the sight of Guru at the mighty position, Mr. 360 will be able to formulate his batting strategy against the opponents. The effect of which will be seen in his performance.

According to Astroyogi Jyotishacharya, if all the potential players are assessed according to the astrological point of view, according to the Sun and the Zodiac sign, David Warner and AB de Villiers can be seen as tough contenders for the Orange Cap. Along with this, Shreyas Iyer and David Miller are likely to be seen challenging them. Virat Kohli, Tom Banton, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are expected to get lucky.

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